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A Non-Bookish Best of 2014


I got the idea to do this post after seeing it on The Perpetual Page-Turner and her post was so all-round awesome that I thought I’d replicate my best 2014 experiences as well. This post initially started off as a brief top ten but it has bloated in all directions, and my apologies in advance for this super-long post, but 2014 was such a fun year that I can’t help looking back with a lot of joy, which translated into super-long ramblings here, but nothing I did would keep this post short.

Ski Dubai


Now we come to our most meh experience of our entire trip – Ski Dubai – an indoor Ski center in Dubai.

This attraction is quite famous and we were really charged up to go there and experience real snow for the first time for ourselves. The penguin colony they have was an extra plus as Piglet really wanted to see some penguins.

So, we went all hyped up only to have a big letdown.

Wordless Wednesday: Random Dubai


I have tons of photos and experiences to share about our trip to Dubai, but it's been crazy busy since I got back. Until I have the time and energy to bang out a sensible post with proper pics, here are some outtakes of some of the totally random things we did in Dubai. We used ...



We took tons of photos of all our fun in Dubai, but though the quality of the photos is average (a 5-year old camera + playful kids is not a good combo when it comes to photography), I still can't resist looking at them again and again and remembering all the fun we had. I ...

Diwali Shopping Inspiration


I spent the last few days in shopping malls doing all sorts of fun stuff but one of the milder and least expensive timepasses in the malls was people watching and checking out what all the fashionable ladies were wearing in the malls. I was quite surprised to see the fashion was so varied from ...

Visiting Burj Khalifa – At the Top


We were warned by many people that visiting the top of the Burj Khalifa – the world’s tallest building was a waste of time and money, and all that all we would see is sand and the tops of buildings, and that it is best viewed from downstairs. Thank God, we ignored all the advice.

No trip to Dubai can be considered complete without a trip to the top of the Burj Khalifa.

Dubai Calling


It’s been ages since we’ve gone on a proper family holiday. Sure, we have done the occasional trip to my family home in Chennai, the odd detour to Pondicherry, and a Snubnose and me (+ friends) trip to Goa. However, a family trip has not happened in ages (to be precise, since Piglet was born).

This summer both Snubnose and I both had a bad case of itchy feet and to pacify us and prevent us from running off to Scotland (a long story, which I am not going to get into here), K rather rashly promised a trip to Dubai, and possibly Turkey/Greece later in the year. Well, Turkey/Greece is not happening, but Dubai certainly is.