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Onam Weekend – A Photo Diary


Onam weekend was so hectic I didn’t know whether I was coming or going. We had so many things planned for the day, we just about managed to squeeze everything.

First up was Snubnose’s art class, which is usual. However, this saturday was also the Kids for Change Carnival, and she badly wanted to attend it as many of her friends were going, some were even manning the stalls.

Raksha Bandhan Confusion


This year, Raksha Bandhan was very special for me. This is the first time in my life that a rakhi was tied on my wrist. Yep, you read that right. The snubnose has gotten into full festival spirit and has made rakhis for me and Kalyan. Here is a snapshot of the rakhi on my hand: Although, ...

The Month That Was


Last month was my birthday month and turned out to be a super-party month. There were so many occasions to celebrate that towards the end, my mind and body were left whirling. Summary of activities: July 17 - Shopping the sales at Sanctuary in search for nice birthday dress and shoes. Successfully scored these beautiful tops...shoes were ...

Body Talk Dance Classes


In my earlier post, I had mentioned that the snub-nose's teachers had suggested that she might enjoy going to dance classes as she is totally into music and dancing. Well, today I took her to her first dance class conducted by Body Talk - a dance program that is specifically aimed at children. The class is ...

I could have danced all night …


Today, I came back from my daughter's PTM with her teachers sporting a huge smile on my face and just bursting with pride ! The snubnose is turning three this month, and we were all a bit concerned that her speech and vocab was not upto the mark for a child her age. In addition, she ...

Nishita Kumar’s New Avatar – Yogini


I have done the aerobics, and I have done the weights, and I have done dancing, and swimming...I have practically tried every fitness trend there is on the planet. The one similarity amongst all the workouts that I did was the focus on two singular aspects - burning calories, and fitting into jeans I have ...