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My First Tag of 2010

My reading efforts and my life in general has been pretty lacklustre of late. Nothing eventful to blog about. Couple of weeks back, the snubnose was down with pneumonia. In the ensuing worry, leave from office,...

Dragon Rider

I am still hoping to somehow finish the Young Adult Reading Challenge I started last year. Towards that effort, I decided to try out Dragon Rider from Cornelia Funke. The book is a fantastical tale abou...


This is the last of Cornelia Funke's three books in her Ink trilogy. I have reviewed the first 2 books, here and here. Note:This review assumes you have already read the first two books in the series. ...

The Thief Lord

Two orphan boys, Bo and Proper, escape from their evil aunt to the city of Venice. In Venice, they come under the protection of the Thief Lord and his gang of orphan/delinquent children. They live in an abandon...

Inkspell – A Book Review

Inkspell by Cornelia Funke is the second installment of the Young Adult Fantasy series of novels about Inkworld. While Inkheart deals with characters from Inkworld who have come into our world, the story of Ink...
Magyk Cover


Of late, I have been really reading a lot of Fantasy novels, so while doing this review, I just could not help but compare this one to others that I have read. I know it is really unfair to compare novels writ...


The success of the Harry Potter series seems to have created a spurt in the growth of Young Adult (YA) Fantasy literature. Numerous writers (some good and some not-so-good) have piggy-backed on this formula. ...