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Ten times I’ve gone Awww… at Mike and Harvey’s friendship


One of the things that makes Suits so popular is how it can appeal to every type of fan. There’s witty dialogue, legal drama, kick-ass women, and juicy romance, but one reason we keep tuning in is to see the amazing friendship between Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) and Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht). Check out some of the moments where we were most envious of Mike and Harvey’s bromance.

Ten Cruel Justin Bieber Roast burns You Can’t Ignore


Justin Bieber, the pop sensation all around the world, left his fans quite disappointed with his recent gig in the city. His fans who are called ‘Beliebers’ may be upset but love him nevertheless. Here are 10 ‘That Hurt’ Moments from Justin Bieber’s Roast that will surely make them feel a little bad for the singing sensation.

Be sure to catch the Roast of Justin Bieber only on Comedy Central, Sunday, 28th May, 10 PM onwards, and read on for some of the comments and people that you can expect to see featured on it.

Season 6 (Part Deux) of Suits is here


Part Two of Season 6 of Suits has started now on Comedy Central. And to announce the fact, Comedy Central hosted a special screening in Monkey Bar in Indra Nagar, inviting us hard-core Suits fans to watch the première early before the general telecast, and get to interact with Suits star Gabriel Macht on Facebook Live video.

TV Shows I’m Looking Forward to


Now that work is slowly starting to look a little more sane, I can finally find the time to squeeze in a little TV.

And working perfectly to my schedule, Comedy Central has three family-friendly shows (I can so relate to family comedies) lined up that I would definitely like to check out.

A Suits Guide to How Lies Can Screw Your Life Up


Well – this obviously needs no telling, does it? The main plot of Suits was based on what was a very well hidden lie until now. But besides that, the show has proven time and again(like it needs any proving) that lies can totally make your life go topsy-turvy any second, making you feel like you’re changing horses in midstream. While this entire season has been about recovering from that lie and getting Mike out, we hope that the finale ends on a happy (truthful) note!

Teacher’s Day – Inspiration through Books, TV, and Movies


Every year sometime late in August, Snubnose comes to me for help on some project or the other – to make a little something special for her teacher. This year for the first time, she’s going all independent on a project of her own. The ever independent Piglet also scorned my help – scribbling out a drawing of an elephant (or was it a dinosaur for his teacher)?

Anyway, with nobody needing my help, the time hangs heavy on my hands. And hence this blog post where I list the top teacher’s pets, and teachers on books, movies, and TV.

Watching, Making, Eating, and Reading this Weekend


Unlike the rest of India, this Independence Day long weekend is going to be a quiet one for us.

Piglet as usual will go for his horse-riding class, and Snubnose again as usual will go for her art class. By the way, if you are wondering why I haven’t been sharing any works of hers lately, it’s because she’s been in practice mode – she started trying out water colors this summer, and has been struggling a bit trying to create nice paintings using a tool she’s not very familiar with.

Anyway, apart from ferrying them around to different classes, I have planned absolutely nothing leaving me with plenty of free time on hand. Here’s what I plan to do with it.

Hooked on #SuitsonCC


After this season of Game of Thrones has come to an end, life meant a bleak ten months of waiting, thinking, speculating, theorising, and cursing George R.R. Martin, his publishers, and the makers of the Game of Thrones series.

Thankfully, before I started to become totally bonkers, the new season of Suits aired last week on Comedy Central, and I got to watch it in style.