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Ideal gifts for the man who has everything


It can be hard buying the perfect Christmas gift for the man in your life, in particular if they already have everything! From your Dad to your brother, or even your husband or uncle, sometimes you can’t find anything that makes you want to part with your hard earned cash. However, even if you haven’t started your Christmas shopping, or are looking for a present that is slightly unique this year, then there’s still time. You can hit the shops with the below list, and pick up a truly wonderful and unique gift for your nearest and dearest this year.

Alternative Gifts for Christmas


As Christmas edges ever closer, the need to rush around preparing for the big day heightens to fever pitch. Yet, as each year passes, it seems that by a certain point gifts crop up again and again in a seeming cycle of replicated presents. How many candles, or perfumes, or sets of body lotions and potions can one person receive in a lifetime? Stood in front of a row full of such items, you find yourself asking that question. However, budgets don’t always lend themselves to the weird and the wonderful, all in the name of “different”, so what can be given this year that doesn’t leave our purses crying out from resultant emptiness?

Five Christmas Gifts Anyone Will Love


Christmas is the most hectic time of the year. Prices have gone up, your work hours are busier than ever, and you’re struggling to find that perfect present. Some people are just naturally hard to buy for, but these gifts are guaranteed to be perfect for anyone who just can’t make up their mind.

Ways To Re Use Christmas Lights All Year Round


Christmas lights are one of the best parts of the holidays. These strings of lights just make the entire house look magical. However, you might be a bit depressed whenever you have to take down these lights. Not only do you lose that magic of hanging lights, but you have to find more storage space to put them up in. However, why do you have to take them down? There are plenty of ways to re-use your Christmas lights all year round if you put a little bit of thought into it. Keep reading to learn about the top ways to do just that!

Designing Christmas Cards With Fotor


Are you running late with Christmas and New Year Eve’s greeting cards? Postal services too slow for you? Well, if you’ve been napping, or busy in the weeks leading up to Christmas, and frankly who hasn’t? We’ve all been busy with closing out work before the year ends. Then online customized greeting cards are the way to go.

And Fotor is the app to use to create the sweetest and most easy to customize greeting cards.

A Christmassy weekend with the kids


This year, Piglet has been really hung up on Christmas trees. To be precise, really large brightly decorated Christmas trees.

This fascination started last year during our Christmas trip to Malaysia and Singapore – which was festivity galore. Christmas trees, and lights every which way you turn, until Piglet was quite dazzled, and his expectations from Christmas are now sky-high. Unfortunately Bangalore is just not able to live up to his expectations.

Christmas and Post – Christmas Festivities


Christmas was quiet and a blast all at the same time. The normally temperate weather suddenly turned chill and both the kids had that I’m going to get sick any moment look. Piglet’s cheeks were flushed and eyes watery, while Snubnose started wheezing.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all you Lovely Readers!


Christmas time, mistletoe and wine. I love this time of year, celebrations and joy and looking forward to a new year!

I tried getting the snubnose and piglet into a single festive photo, but that’s pretty much impossible, it seems.

So, here’s the snubnose alone wishing you all a Merry Christmas and happy holidays!