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Drool-worthy Chocolates from Fantasie Chocolate at Phoenix Kessaku


Have you heard of Fantasie Chocolates? I confess I hadn’t until a wonderful invite landed in my inbox asking me would I like to come take part in a workshop about chocolate by the founder and creative head of Fantasie Chocolate – Zeba Kohli.

Would I? Of course! For a chocoholic like me, an opportunity to try out a new brand of chocolate is like an opportunity to try manna from heaven.

Zeba Kohli is an Indian chocolatier, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. Swiss-trained in a Cordon Bleu confectionery school, this is a woman who knows her stuff. She worked for Lindt Chocolates for many years before deciding to create her own chocolate brand – Fantasie Chocolate.

In Which Post I Dissect an Egg


The snubnose like most others I know has a couple of guilty pleasures when it comes to food. One of them is the Kinder joy chocolate egg. These chocolate eggs have been available on supermarket aisles for ages now and I always used to wonder which poor sap would be so mad as to fork Rs.30 ...

Do you Think I am Gonna Stick to These?


I took my time making new year resolutions this year because I have been so tied up with stuff, it has been difficult to think of anything beyond this week. In addition, this was a very social week for me (lots of lunches and dinners), and because one of my new year resolutions has to ...

A Simple way to Lose Weight?


Was recently loafing at Odyssey book store, when I happened to come across this diet book displayed very prominently amongst the Bestsellers section.

I have been on a weight plateau recently (neither gaining nor losing), and thinking that may be I could try out a diet. This is a new experience for me, because I have never dieted in my entire life. I have always managed to maintain a good physique solely through exercise alone.