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A Week in Chennai


Year ending is usually the time to visit my family back in Chennai. It’s generally a time of pure relaxation, fun, chilling out, pigging out – pure bliss in fact. The whole extended family is around, and it’s great to catch up with cousins, uncles, aunts, and so on.

2017 Christmas was going to be yet another such time. We all drove down to Chennai and had a pleasant couple of days before my father-in-law suddenly turned dangerously ill. His sugar levels dropped drastically (he’s diabetic), and the rest of the holiday was spent with him in hospital, and all of us under a lot of stress.

Thankfully, once hospitalized, he recovered fast and was back on his feet within the week. However, it was generally a bit of a rough time for all of us. And for the most part, we didn’t do anything beyond the first couple of days.

The Cheat Sheet to Stay Fresh During Summer


I was brought up in Chennai. Yes, the city that is known for its fantastic year-round climate (sarky emoji here).Summers were hell for me until I got married and settled in Chennai.And I was oh, so happy to make the move. Thanks to global warming though, summers here are also all about humid evenings and sticky afternoons. Except maybe the nights.

Instead of cribbing about the weather though, I decided to find some amazing ways that can keep you fresh as a flower even during summers. Here, I am sharing my ultimate cheat sheet to stay fresh during the summers with a hope that it will benefit you as much as it did to me.

Netflix, Pottermania, Sun, Sea, and Sand


Last week of December was the Winter break, and now after a week of sleeping, and eating when I please, my circadian rhythms are all over the place, and I am feeling enormously tired and jet lagged although I went no further than Chennai (about 300 km east of where I live) to my parents’ place.

As you might have guessed from my blog title and first sentence, I spent the break alternating between being a couch potato, and being a lazy hippo wallowing in the water, and felt thoroughly relaxed in the process.

All my RSI-related aches and pains, and Vitamin D deficiency-related pains all faded away taking me to a mellow state. And yes, the multiple bottles of beer helped too 🙂 .

Here’s a quick rundown of all the happenings.

Things to do in Chennai


When I say we are visiting Chennai, my friends automatically think temples, katcheris, and Mahabalipuram. But there’s a lot more to Chennai than that, and this December, keeping in mind the tastes of our kids – we explored a few of them.

My Ideal Yatra


Every year, I start by planning the ideal holiday. It usually involves perusing a number of travel blogs, visiting a number of travel booking sites, doing tons of currency conversions.

All of this is then followed by tons of wishful thinking. Maybe we will get upgraded to business or first class, maybe I will win a couple of tickets (btw, this actually happened once when we won a holiday to Sri Lanka)!

Travel Times Three


It’s been a hectic traveling month for us, three trips in the space of three weeks, and it almost became four but because of some family obligations, I had to decline an invite to what would surely have been a wonderful trip to Mumbai for the #BNLF blogging conference. Still, I am not too upset because it’s nice to actually spend a weekend or two quietly at home for a change 🙂 .
Here’s a quick catch-up post of our travel adventures.

WW: And Yet More Crocodiles


I had posted about our trip to Crocodile Bank here. At the time of posting that um post, I had misplaced my memory card and so just got a handful of croc pictures.

Now, I have my memory card back, and so if crocodiles are your thing, here are some coming your way. I have tons of pictures as crocs are pretty easy to photograph, being as they are immobile most of the time. However, if reptiles give you the creeps, now is the time to avert your eyes and move to the next post 🙂 .

The Bestest Pool in the World


The above proclamation came from Snubnose during our visit to Chennai. We went on a day-trip to Mahabalipuram not to explore the ancient town, but to spend some time in one of the fancy resorts close by. It was just way too hot for any exploring. K googled a bit and decided the Radisson Blu Resort ...

Budget Shopping with Snubnose


I used to be the queen of budget shopping during my college days in Chennai. The place where I lived - Besant Nagar was and still is surrounded by export reject stores. Export reject? What's that? These are stores that specialize in selling goods that have been rejected by big-name brands that get their clothes ...