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The top 5 clothing items every toddler boy will wear


There’ll come a time that you’ll need to dress your son, particularly while they’re still a toddler because they don’t understand fashion. At first, the issue of toddler boy clothing seems a dull topic, that’s until you’ve got a young son. Suddenly the subject turns to a captivating one. Of course, he won’t wear flowers and pretty pinks, but that doesn’t have to mean that you won’t have a great time while shopping for your son.

If you wish to know how to style your toddler son, you’re in the right place. We’ve gathered quite a handful of information to enable us to share some tips on the best clothing items every toddler boy will wear.

Jaane tu…ya jaane na


Went to watch this movie with my friends to my fave theatre - Fame Lido. Favorite because of the following reasons: Closest to my house Parking is only Rs. 20 regardless of the time spent Food court is decent Now on to the movie. Typical teenage love story, but with a slight twist. There is no parental opposition, no ...