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Dear Zindagi – Five reasons to watch this movie


Dear Zindagi is being telecast on Zee Cinema this Sunday 23rd April at noon, and I am really excited to watch this movie. These days with two small kids, a job, and a blog to juggle, I don’t get the time to watch movies at the cinema at all. The only movies I watch are on Netflix or TV, long after the kids have gone to bed, and if I am not bone-tired by then (as is often the case).

So, I missed Dear Zindagi in the cinema, but I’m really excited to catch it on TV this Sunday, and I think you should too. Here are five reasons why.

Teacher’s Day – Inspiration through Books, TV, and Movies


Every year sometime late in August, Snubnose comes to me for help on some project or the other – to make a little something special for her teacher. This year for the first time, she’s going all independent on a project of her own. The ever independent Piglet also scorned my help – scribbling out a drawing of an elephant (or was it a dinosaur for his teacher)?

Anyway, with nobody needing my help, the time hangs heavy on my hands. And hence this blog post where I list the top teacher’s pets, and teachers on books, movies, and TV.

Republic Day Movie Watching


This Republic Day I was pleasantly surprised to see some sensible movies on TV, rather than the usual jingoistic nonsense that goes by the name of patriotism these days. Instead, there were two thoughtful critical movies that reflect on India these days and made me feel sad about the judicial system in India. Kudos to STAR Gold ...

Kahaani – A Movie Review


It's rare that I review a Hindi movie on this blog. It's not that I don't see Hindi movies, I do, but so very often I have very little to say. Most of the movies I have seen in the past couple of years have been overly stylized, and with very little story. For example (and ...

A Rockstar and Some Players


Wonder of wonders. I was actually able to watch a couple of movies recently - completely as opposed to tidbits. Unfortunately, both these movies were a bit of a mixed bag and neither fully lived up to either director's previous efforts. The first movie I saw was Rockstar starring Ranbir Kapoor and Nargis Fakhri and directed ...

Movies I Watched Over the Weekend


I saw L.A Confidential the first time when it released, and I enjoyed it very much, but really all memory for this movie was drowned when I saw Titanic a week or so later. If you asked me anything about this movie, the only thing I would have remembered is the call girl angle, nothing ...

Two Upcoming Movies I Really Want to Watch


This is the time of the year in India, when the most happening movies come out. Diwali, Eid, and Christmas movie releases follow each other in quick succession. So many movies, but cinema hall tickets are so expensive...which ones to watch? After going through all the possible options, I have shortlisted just two (although Action Replayy ...