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Lovely New Wallpapers


Recently happened to stumble upon an art site that had some wonderful imagery that folks can use on blogs or as wallpapers (if you are not into blogging). I could not use some of the imagery I liked because of Wordpress security restrictions (no Javascript-based widgets), but you blogger users who like to jazz up your ...

Why do I blog? A survey


Ms Mazolla at State of Denmark is conducting a meme, where bloggers answer a few questions about their attitudes and motivations. I am doing this survey almost a month later, and so it's probably not useful to her. However, since, I enjoyed reading other people's survey responses, I thought I would participate too. How long have ...

My WordPress wishlist


In the past, I have blogged regarding my dissatisfaction with the inability to add my Shelfari bookshelf to my Wordpress blog. Now, I have another addition to my wishlist. Recently, I bought a new Sony Ericsson mobile phone (K530i) One of the reasons why I picked up this phone was that it has a neat feature ...