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Top Ten Tuesdays: Ten Classics That Rock


Today, the bloggers at The Broke and the Bookish have asked us to list ten classics that rock. Considering I am part of the Classics Club reading challenge, this week's top ten is a walk in the park for me. I can think of so many books to list faster than it takes me to type ...

A Passage from Bleak House


I have been so tied up with work and life in general that reading is taking a bit of a backseat...however, I had marked a couple of passages from Bleak House that were particularly affecting and I thought I'd share one of them here. In the below passage, Dickens comments on an illiterate boy who lives ...

My First Tag of 2010


My reading efforts and my life in general has been pretty lacklustre of late. Nothing eventful to blog about. Couple of weeks back, the snubnose was down with pneumonia. In the ensuing worry, leave from office, and so on, I have had to do some massive catch-up with work, and it is not over yet. I ...