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Tips for Throwing the Ultimate kids Birthday Party


Kid’s birthdays are fun and so easy to do. Do them right, and you’ll give your child a great party, great memories, and have brought him closer with his friends than ever before. When you want to throw the best children’s party ever, you need to pull out all the stops. This means that instead of buying a small pack of balloons that you’ll hurt your cheeks inflating, you go the extra step further. Follow this guide to ensure that this party is the best-dressed one yet.

Simple Ideas for Planning a Birthday Party on a Budget


Although you would like to plan the most spectacular party ever, sometimes your purse tells a different story. If you are charged with planning a birthday party but have a limited budget, don’t start worrying just yet. There are ways to host an amazingly successful party, even a themed one, with very little money to spend.

Cooking up a Birthday Party


We haven’t been celebrating Snubnose’s birthday much in the last couple of years, just keeping things within the family. Not having a party for the past two years was pretty much her decision as she was getting bullied a lot within her friend’s circle and she had got into a shell.

However things improved a lot last year. She made some great new friends and really wanted a party to celebrate. And since she and her friends love to bond over some cooking, we decided a cooking themed party would be a great idea. Slurp Studio is a cooking studio that has newly opened in Indra Nagar and when we went for a go-see a couple of weeks back, we knew it would be the perfect venue.

Piglet’s Panda Party


For the past two years, Piglet’s birthday was very much an afterthought.

His first birthday was fairly subdued considering I was working towards a project release, plus my MIL passed away just a couple of months earlier, making us not so interested in a big bash.

Last year, I was traveling to US on work, and Snubnose was performing in a ballet show on his birthday, which meant Piglet’s birthday got pushed to Christmas, and half our friends were already out-of-town.

This year, again everything seemed to be happening on Piglet’s birthday (Snubnose’s annual day performance, and a friend’s Christmas party that I had rashly offered to help put together), but this time we decided we could no longer put Piglet’s birthday on the back-burner, and I put all my energies into making his birthday happen and happen big.

Birthday Fun


It almost always happens that the weeks just before and after my birthday are full of fun and social activity. Fact is most of the time I am a bit of a homebody focused more on family and home, but come July something happens to me and I accept any and every opportunity to party ...

Party Photos + A Little Whining


Things haven't been going great lately. In fact, this year so far has been a terrible, no good, very bad year, with each month packing one unpleasant surprise after another. At such times, it is pleasant indeed to have an afternoon off from troubles and just enjoy a lovely party. Piglet was invited for his friend's ...

Piglet Parties in his Pajamas


Sorry for the cheesy heading for this post, but I can never resist the opportunity for a good alliteration ;) . Piglet's 2nd birthday came and went without us even noticing it. Piglet was ill with a bad case of viral fever and snubnose in spite of feeling poorly was valiantly in the thick of ...

Happy Birthday to the Piglet


December 14th was the Piglet's birthday. We never planned anything major (have yet to even get him a present, poor thing). I was (still am) drowning in work and just could not summon up enough enthusiasm to throw a big shindig. I did want to do something for him though, so I called a handful of ...