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Best Dining of 2017


Last year was a year of some pretty interesting dining experiences. I went to a ton of new places, and tried lots of different cuisines at different price points – an eclectic and excellent dining year, which is now evidenced by a roll around my tummy that I am now planning to work off.

You can see all my dining out posts here, but below I wanted to summarize the best of the best of 2017 in terms of food – my top 5 favorite dining spots.

An Art and Alcohol Fueled Weekend


Last weekend was one hectic action-packed one. I was booked in for a blog event, Snubnose was committed to take part in a mural painting event that was from dawn to dusk on both days of the event. Well, just kidding on the dawn to dusk part, but you get the idea, she was going to be occupied outdoors on two blisteringly hot days. I would need to be on hand to make sure she’s properly fed and hydrated, and be on hand to bring her back home if she gets too tired and hot (she’s prone to migraines in the heat).

Rather serendipitously, the blog event at Big Pitcher was a stone’s throw away from the park where she was painting. So, we all agreed that on Saturday, we could drop her off at the park, hang around with her till lunch time, and then K, Piglet, and I would spend a couple of hours at Big Pitcher and then join Snubnose at the park.