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How to Design the Perfect Vintage Kids Room


When designing your perfect kids room, there are many directions to go in, but one of the biggest issues parents face is choosing a decor and a colour scheme that can transition with your child throughout the years. If you’re looking for a classic, timeless, and warm design scheme for your children’s room, consider going the vintage route. Taking inspiration from simple clean lines and heritage colours like deep blues, autumnal yellows, and pastel pinks will allow you to craft a space for your child that will never go out of style.

My Lust List


I have seen this tag/meme floating around on some of my blogger buddy's blogs and it tempted me to create one list of my own... Then, I thought and thought. And then I came up with an out-of-this world list (at least for me) So here goes...hopefully listing them out will prompt me to make some effort ...