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Hair care on the go


If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you will know that I recently returned from an action-packed adventure trip to Assam and Meghalaya.

Every day, I was doing something stressful to my hair – roaming around under an extremely strong sun (with no cap), or swimming, boating, zip lining, trekking – you name it, I did it.

My hair is very temperamental, and I was a bit worried about the damage that all this fun was causing to it.

Thankfully, I had my trusty new Pantene Oil Replacement cream with me to repair the damage.

Hair Care Tips While Travelling for A Healthier Mane


We all know the struggles of maintaining our daily skin care or hair care routine while travelling. The travel schedule is usually very hectic and the overwhelming excitement often makes us forget to take proper care of ourselves. If such a situation sounds familiar to you, this article is just for you.

How to make your lips look pout perfect


Do you love to pout? Well, at present pout selfies are very much in trend and if you are one among those then there is nothing to wonder. Almost every girl loves to pout and flaunt their beautiful lips. A kissable pout makes you look super cute as well as sexy. But your pout only looks good when your lips are plump and juicy. Not everyone is born with pout-perfect lips, but there are a few wonderful tricks that can help you to get perfect lips. If you are wondering to know how to get those luscious and plump perfect lips, here are a few tips for you. Check these out and get luscious lips in a jiffy.

Make-Up Essentials Every Girl Needs


Make-up is a pretty tricky thing for many people. You may have no idea how to do your make-up properly or you might have been doing it the same way for a while and might just want a little bit of a change-up. No matter what, there are some essentials that every girl needs to have in her make-up kit. Make sure that you have these essentials and you’ll be ready for every make-up eventuality. Keep reading down below and get these products into your make-up inventory if you don’t already have them!

The Cinthol Deo Stick – Product Review


Cinthol’s new range of deo sticks for men and women is on the market, and these new ones are looking and smelling goood.

I’ve always liked the smell of Cinthol’s soaps but I’ve never tried their deo sticks before. This one, I first saw on my friend, and she really liked it enough to recommend it to me.

Birthday Goodies


My birthday is the one time of year, I go berserk. Last few years, I went nuts shopping for my kids (see one of these shopping binges here), but as the kids grow older and develop their own individual tastes, it gets harder for me to surprise them with something they like. I miss that sweet jaw drop of pleasure and surprise when I get them something. But of late, it’s like can I see what else was there in the shop?

So, this birthday I decided to direct that attention to myself instead.

I do not Approve of…


Young girls wearing high heels. I simply do not. Last month, when I went shopping with the snubnose to the Lifestyle Department store for much needed shoes and socks, I was surprised and dismayed to find heels in her size (she's only 4years old!!). Frantic sleight of hand and distraction techniques followed, and I successfully ...