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Band Baaja Barbeque


It’s been a long time since Snubnose and I visited our favorite restaurant – Barbeque Nation. And when I heard that there was a new food fest coming up, well, traffic-jammed weekday or not, we had to go.

Band Baaja Barbeque is a wedding themed food festival, and the dishes served are popular wedding favorites. Post-Diwali is the wedding season in India, so it makes sense for the restaurant also to echo this festive spirit.

The North Indian wedding feast theme extends from the menu to the decor, to the waiter’s clothing even.

When we walked into the Barbeque Nation at Lido mall, it felt just like we were walking into a wedding – festive is a mild word to describe the atmosphere.

Mother’s Day at Barbeque Nation


The sweetie pies at Barbeque Nation surprised me last weekend with an invite to a lunch. This was a part of a general event across all their outlets to celebrate and appreciate moms.

The PR person who sent me the invite didn’t mention any particular theme in the email. It was one of those standard PR invites with the date and time and request to be there, and blog about it later.

So, I was really taken by surprise by the very special welcome and the pampering that followed.

Southern Heat at Barbeque Nation


On Monday, Snubnose and I did our regular stop at Barbeque Nation to sample some of their special edition Southern Heat food festival that focuses on South Indian foods.

Barbeque Nation always does these events in a big way – so when you go, you can expect a humongous variety of dosas, idlis served table side, live counters serving food prepared to your taste, and tons more food in the main buffet. You never leave hungry from a Barbeque Nation.

There was heavy traffic (so what’s new about that in Bangalore) all the way to the restaurant, and Snubnose and I entered ravenous and ready to do justice to all the food on offer.

Eating out with kids


I get to visit a lot of really cool dining joints because of the blog. But when it comes to eating out with the kids, I tend to visit the same familiar haunts pretty much all the time.

That’s primarily because of Piglet. He’s not very adventurous with his food and he’s still not at that stage where he will sit patiently while we eat. Of course, we have taken him to plenty of restaurants but we’ve ended up relying heavily on the iPad to keep him occupied. Not the best of situations. When we are all out together, I really like to have all devices put away as much as possible.

But there are some restaurants that hit the family friendly sweet spot just right, and we tend to visit them again and again. Here is a list of our favorite joints and why we love them.

Dilli Walli Khao Galli @BarbequeNation


If you love Delhi street food, head out to the nearest Barbeque Nation immediately as they are having a fabulous Dilli street food festival going on till Sunday.

I visited last week to find out what was on offer, and as it turns out, there is quite a lot.

Barbeque Nation – Bringing Arabian Flavors into Their Dining Experience


Snubnose and I are always up for a dinner at Barbeque Nation. The food is consistently good, Snubnose never tires of the table-side grilling experience, and the food appeals to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. What more do you need?

Well, how about an Arabian food festival to add to the fun?

Kulfi Nation


Last weekend, Snubnose and I were invited to a kulfi tasting session at Barbeque Nation. This is one of Snubnose's favorite restaurants because of the grilling fun and the sheer number of non-vegetarian dishes to try. And I love the place because the vegetarian food is equally good there :) . Everyone's happy when we ...