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Colorful salad

Fine Dining Options on Outer Ring Road – The Courtyard Marriott and Fairfield

If you live or work in the Outer Ring Road section of Bangalore (particularly in the IT hub from KR Puram to Sarjapur), you would know and lament the lack of decent dining options available. For quite some time, it seemed that for office gatherings, you were confined to the Park Plaza hotel (a good option but gets tired if you go there every time), or Absolute Barbecue (which is impossible if you are trying to book a place on short notice). If you opted out of these, well, there was pretty much nothing decent on offer close by. All that’s changed now with the fine dining options at Courtyard Marriott / Fairfield hotel near Kadubeesanahalli. We tried out MoMo Cafe and Kava, and absolutely enjoyed our experience there. The folks from Marriott took us all over their property, and I was really impressed by how well-laid out the place was. We stopped off at Kava first to generally look over the place, and then proceeded to MoMo Cafe, where we tried out their regular …

Loved digging into this whopper

The #AngriestWhopper in Town

Last weekend, Burger King unveiled a new limited-edition whopper called appropriately enough Angriest Whopper. It has been available in other countries It comes with an extremely angry looking red bun (red because it is baked with hot spices, and not because of any food coloring). Between the red-hot buns is a totally delicious and mouth-watering combination of crispy angry onion petals, spicy angry Habanero sauce and zesty jalapenos piled high atop the patty and layered with a slice of cheese, lettuce, ripe tomatoes, and creamy spicy mayonnaise. I tried out the veg angriest whopper on Sunday at the Burger King on CMH Road, and I came away with my heart singing. The whopper just hit all the right notes – it’s spicy but not too spicy, and the mayonnaise of the burger mellowed down the heat from the sauces and the bun. I also loved the flavoring of the jalapenos, and the habanero sauce, mixed in with the paprika flavoring of the bun. I think I”ll go a step further and say that I actually …


Art Exhibition

Snubnose and her friends will be having an exhibition of some of the work they have done in the past couple of years. I’ve just come back from setting up all the paintings at the gallery, and though we are not fully done arranging everything just yet, I already can see it is going to be pretty mind-blowing, and I am so proud of all the hard work these kids (and their teachers) have put into making this happen. When and Where The exhibition will be up this weekend on March 26th and 27th. It will be at the Rangoli Art Gallery center on M.G.Road, between 9 to 5 pm. The easiest way to get there (depending on where you live) is the Metro, as it is right next to it, and taking public transportation ensures no parking hassles. Some of Snubnose’s works featured are her Vaikuntam, Subramaniam Ravishankar, this Picasso, her favorite Krishna, and my all-time favorite Modigliani. Really excited for tomorrow, and hoping that we will get a good amount of enthusiastic attendance …

Tomato aioli

Eating an Honest Meal at Onesta

Onesta is a very popular restaurant in Koramangala, which thankfully has opened a new branch in Indra Nagar as well, closer to my side of town. A good thing because this is one joint I’m pretty sure I will frequent quite often. What is Onesta? This is a casual dining joint situated bang on CMH Road in Indra Nagar (right opposite to the Puma showroom in case you are looking). Located on the top floor, it is an easy-breezy and cool place to hang out. The decor is bang on – very charming with lots of greenery, and quite beautiful lighting. The cuisine is Italian but mostly they specialize in pizzas, though they also have other foods such as bruschettas, lasagne, breads, short eats, and desserts. What is so unique about Onesta? The prices. These are really, truly honest prices. There’s not a single item in that menu over Rs.200/- and quite a few dishes are much lesser than that. Apart from the baseline pricing, they also have a uniquely fabulous offer. Eat as much …

Snubnose loved this giant elephant

WW: Karnataka Chitrakala Parishad

Some time back I took my new camera for a spin (more on the camera in another post), and I couldn’t have gone to a more colorful, lively place to try out its different settings. Karnataka Chitrakala Parishad is an art institution and organization that promotes art and craft at the state and national levels, and we always try to make it to their exhibitions. Here are a few snip snap images without any post-processing (click on photo to see the full image). What do you think? Not too bad huh! No longer can I blame my dull, fuzzy photos on my ancient camera. I better now ramp up my photography and composition skills now that I actually have a fairly decent camera.

With Bappi Lahiri

Disco Barbeque with Bappi Lahiri

The spanking new Barbeque Nation restaurant that opened in West Gate Mall in Rajaji Nagar arguably had no need of celebrities or massive PR events to announce its arrival. The place was packed to the brim with diners, and all us bloggers and the celebrity in attendance – Bappi Lahiri (singer and musician most well-known for his disco music during the 80s) found ourselves squashed in a small area at the back of the restaurant. We arrived a little late so we got a table at the back furthest from the action. But we still managed to take a few good snaps, and even managed a selfie with the singer who so kindly posed one on one with all us bloggers, and sang a song or two. One of the songs he had composed was in honor of Barbeque Nation. Called Disco Barbeque (play the video above to get a listen), it’s a riff of one of his older more famous disco numbers (Disco 82). That used to be one of my childhood anthems (dating …

The absolutely amazing street food

Bringing a Street Food Eating Experience to Barbeque Nation

Barbeque Nation is hosting the Mohammad Ali Road food festival in Bangalore from Oct 28 – Nov 15 in all its Bangalore outlets. For those wondering what is the Mohammad Ali Road (M.A) food festival? It is the famous iftaar street food that is served in M.A road in Mumbai during Eid. We in Bangalore have a similar foodie experience in Bangalore in Mosque Road. Now, I have always been curious about Iftaar food, but since I am a vegetarian, I have been very hesitant about actually venturing to these food festivals as they specialize mostly in non-veg food. However, when Barbeque Nation sent an invite inviting me to sample their take on Iftaar food, I jumped at the opportunity. With Barbeque Nation, I know I am in safe hands and that they will have ample options for vegetarians also. After all, I was able to enjoy even their seafood food festival very much. I spent the first half hour walking around the restaurant scoping the buffet options, the live food stalls, and talking to …

Safety first

Been Haunting Giria’s Children’s Explorium

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, then you”ll know that I’ve been simply swamping my feed with photos of all the fun we had at Giria’s Explorium. What is Giria’s Explorium? If you are a parent of a young kid/toddler, this is the hottest hangout in town. It’s a fairly new place but because of the lack of decent entertainment for young children in Bangalore, all us young moms have pretty much made this place our headquarters ever since it opened. Basically, it is a gargantuan three-storey play area for kids. But with a difference. Unlike the soft play areas like Funky Monkey and the like, the explorium aims to challenge the body and the mind with their in-house activities. So, if you are a rather mechanically inclined kid like for example, the Piglet, there is a digger, and a crane, where you can actually climb onto them and move the controls to transport bricks or sand from one point to another. Or you can learn all about dams and how they work while …


Cafe Max – Hardly a Cafe

Last weekend, Snubnose and I visited Cafe Max for lunch. We were ravenous, (I had skipped breakfast), and Snubnose is perennially hungry these days. However, since we had cooked lunch at home, we visited Cafe Max intending to order some small bites, leaving room in our tummies for a late lunch at home. However, all thoughts of something light went out of our heads when we perused the menu. The name Cafe is a bit of a misnomer actually. While they do have the standard Cafe type of food, this place is more in the lines of a traditional restaurant complete with a full wine and cocktail menu, starters, main course, and dessert. So, yes, you could visit this place and just have coffee and snacks, but if you do, it’s a real shame, because the main course here is just totally delish. If you don’t trust my opinion, check out, your friendly neighborhood search engine for all the best places to dine in your city. It’s not just limited to restaurants either, you …


Who Says Bangalore Isn’t Beautiful?

It’s a constant refrain amongst my friends and colleagues that Bangalore just hasn’t managed to retain its old world charm and beauty. And it’s true, what was once a city of lakes and parks has now turned into a city of towering ugly apartments, and dried up, or severely polluted lakes. But once in a while, I get a pleasant reminder of what this place used to be like. Here are a few shots of Cubbon Park shot during one particularly lovely Sunday morning. Recently the city banned vehicular traffic through the park on Sundays, and the place was looking magical after the rains. Nobody would believe this oasis of calm and peace exists in the heart of the city. After a lovely morning stroll, or playing football on the grounds, or playing in the children’s park, a hearty breakfast/brunch at the nearby Koshy’s is highly recommended. Perfect Sunday guaranteed!

Before and after

Abandoning the Effort of Maintaining Long Hair

From ever since I had control over my own hair, it’s looked pretty much the same – a mid-shoulder to mid-back length, wavy, and always pulled back into a pony tail. Sometimes on rare occasions I would blow dry my hair into loose waves, and that was pretty much it. The only experimentation I ever did was with color, and that too because I was forced to it by premature graying. But all the chemical dyes left my hair feeling dry and prone to breaking, the ends of my hair had turned a strange shade of blonde (no idea how because I’ve always used a light brown tone only), and I just no longer have the time and energy required to maintain long, colored locks. So, I finally decided it was time to go short, and I did so drastically. It took ages to convince the stylist I wanted to go short. For some reason, he didn’t want to. He was like, you”ll regret this after a few days. Your ends are actually decent, why …

The Extremely Versatile Menu

Where I Dine at Barbeque Nation Once Again

Have I mentioned that Barbeque Nation is fast becoming one of my favorite places to eat? I might have I guess here and here, and over numerous Instagram posts, and if I am being repetitive, I apologize in advance. However, when I came to know that Barbeque Nation has a seafood festival going on and that there was an invite available for me, I had to go and check it out and report back to you people πŸ˜‰ . The atmosphere in the restaurant was absolutely gloriously nautical. The ceilings were covered with fishing nets in which fish were trapped and the waiters were all dressed per the seafood theme. They even did a lively jig for all the customers dancing to popular sea-faring numbers. My favorite was their dancing to Maria Pita Che by Remo Fernandez. The restaurant just exploded in applause once they were done. You can see the video embedded at the top of this post. Anyway, that was all about the decor and the entertainment, what about the food? Well, I …

The people who weren't taking photographs were just standing around with their hands crossed

Going Sleek with ASUS at The Indiblogger Meet

Last week, I was lucky enough to score an invite for one of the hottest get-togethers in Bangalore. This was for the Indiblogger meet and greet session at ITC Gardenia where the folks from ASUS came to present a couple of their hot products. The two products that ASUS were presenting were: and I was particularly interested in the latter as I am so much on the go these days. Being a mom of two small kids, I have found, inevitably means a lot of waiting as they finish up some activity at a playschool, or a friend’s party, or just a regular ole class. I use this downtime to generally run errands and if I am free, writing out blog post ideas in my notebook, which I then type on to the blog late in the night. True, I have an iPad that I have used in the past for blogging on the go, but it’s old and slow now, and pretty much good for games, books, and some email, not actually any hard-core …


A Quiet Pongal

Pongal is our harvest festival and it’s a really big deal for most of us. In our house though we are not particularly festive, and our festivities were even more low-key this year because of a general goof-up in terms of holidays. Our Indian festivals are based on the lunar calendar, and so each year there is slight variation in the actual dates we are meant to celebrate them. While it is harvest festival in India overall, depending on the local customs, and the lunar calendar, each area celebrates it on a different day. It’s not like say Christmas which is celebrated on Dec 25 worldwide every year. So basically holiday allocation is complicated when it comes to Indian festivals, and this year someone really goofed up. My littles had Pongal holiday on Wednesday (which they spent peacefully with their grandfather at home), while K and I had Pongal holiday on Thursday. And considering we are the hard-working sort πŸ˜‰ , it never occurred to any of us to take holidays and celebrate the festival …

As usual, a family photo op is missed. This time because Snubnose was off making pizzas

Christmas and Post – Christmas Festivities

Christmas was quiet and a blast all at the same time. The normally temperate weather suddenly turned chill and both the kids had that I’m going to get sick any moment look. Piglet’s cheeks were flushed and eyes watery, while Snubnose started wheezing. We decided to keep Christmas day quiet and at home. I made up some steaming hot dal for Piglet and Snubnose to tuck into, and we snuggled up under the blankets to watch The Polar Express. I didn’t do Santa Claus this year, Piglet had an overdose of presents from his birthday, plus we had already done a Christmas party where Santa gave both of them presents. I also thought Snubnose had outgrown the Santa thing. I realized to my dismay that I was way wrong. She hadn’t outgrown Santa, and she was quite upset not to have received anything at all. I pacified her ruffled feathers and told her that Santa won’t be able to go through the whole world in one night, and so both their presents might take a …

The Jayamahal Palace Hotel

WW: The Jayamahal Palace Hotel

I’ve been in Bangalore for so many years, and I never heard about the Jayamahal Palace Hotel. A pretty shameful fact considering I’ve visited the Palace Grounds so many times, but never actually come face to face with the palace itself. It’s not a palace any more of course and as far as palaces go, it’s smaller than I expected, still it retains its old world charm and I enjoyed my time there last weekend walking around its grounds.

Exclusive Offers From JustEat

If you don’t want to sweat in the kitchen for a few days and wish to leave the cooking to the professionals, then you have come to the right place. One of the most popular online food portals that is gaining a lot of popularity these days is Justeat. This online food portal helps clients to enjoy their meals as they have to simply book a table online or order food online. Those interested in eating different, yummy delicacies can be assisted in finding the appropriate bistros, restaurants and cafes in their city or neighborhood for ordering food online. When you visit the official website of this food portal, you are presented with attractive and clear information about the takeaways in your local area. This information includes menus, the distance from your home to the takeaway restaurant, delivery price, price of the food, and whether the takeaway shop is currently closed or open and the time for the delivery of the food. The benefits of this online food portal do not end here, as customers …

Enjoying our train ride

WW: The Simple Pleasures of Life

Couple of weeks ago, we visited Cubbon Park. This park holds fond memories for me. I used to work in an office very close to this park, and would often go there for an evening stroll. It’s one of the most peaceful places in Bangalore (even if it is right in the heart of the city). Cubbon Park is also well known for its Bal Bhavan – a children’s park and a toy train. When Snubnose was a toddler, I took her a couple of times for a ride in the toy train only to be disappointed both times because the train was under repairs. This time though we got lucky having a fantastic Sunday morning at the park, and also getting to enjoy the train ride. It’s very rare that we have photos of just the two of us together so we plonked Piglet on to Snubnose and got a hurried snap taken. Not easy when the train is in motion, and the photographer had to jog alongside the train to take the shot! …



When you have frisky little ones, it’s hard to do lunch at a regular restaurant. Half the time there is no baby chair for Piglet, and if there is a baby-chair, there’s no strap!!! I don’t get it, what kind of baby chair is it, if it doesn’t prevent Piglet from lunging at the cutlery and then falling on to the table? But I was determined to celebrate my birthday (birthday was last month, this is a delayed celebration), and so we tried CounterCulture, which is not the regular type of sit-down restaurant. An added bonus? It’s located very conveniently in Mahadevpura on Whitefield Road, so if if things go south, we are only 10 minutes from home. My friends recommended CounterCulture’s Sunday brunch highly and so we decided it would be a great place to catch up with our entire group. Seating is outside, and if it gets too hot (and it did), they provide huge fans spraying mist, so heat or no heat, it’s very pleasant sitting outside on the benches in the …

Budget shopping - so much for just a little expense

Budget Shopping with Snubnose

I used to be the queen of budget shopping during my college days in Chennai. The place where I lived – Besant Nagar was and still is surrounded by export reject stores. Export reject? What’s that? These are stores that specialize in selling goods that have been rejected by big-name brands that get their clothes manufactured in India. This means that you get labeled goods, which have only a minor defect – a stitch dropped, or incorrect sizing for rock-bottom prices. I could walk into a shop with a Rs.100/- (less than 2 USD) note in my hand and walk out with 2-3 clothes that were better quality than what we could get in the big-name shops. I still have a pair of shorts that I picked up during my college days for Rs.20/- (30 cents). I used to live in those shorts during the Chennai summers, and still have it. It has aged better than me, I have to say πŸ™ . The thing though is this worked during the days when I was …


Election Day

Election Day turned out to be an unexpectedly active one. I was super enthused about the elections this time around, and I was determined to take Snubnose with me when I went to cast my vote so that she understands a little bit about our democratic system. But first, I wanted to start the election holiday with a bit of fun – swimming fun. Snubnose and Piglet have never been in the pool together. It’s hard as usually only one of us is around to monitor, so what happened was that Piglet got his pool time in the mornings and Snubnose got to swim in the evenings. Since Election Day was a holiday, we made it a sibling event with both Snubnose and Piglet in the pool at the same time, K hung around taking a few pics to document the moment, and I was on hand to help with ball, and towel, and change of clothes. Here are a few clicks of the fun we had. Post swimming, Piglet literally dropped off to sleep …

Awesome desserts at Yauatcha

Dinner at Yauatcha

I’ve been wanting to visit the restaurants in the spanking new 1 MG Road mall for ages, and I was beyond thrilled when we finally got the chance to try Yauatcha – the far-east Asian restaurant that has opened there. We had some great food and great drinks and although pricey, it was worth it as the food was very, very good. We started with the dimsums. I tried the crispy vegetable cheung fun and K tried the crispy prawn cheung fun. I ordered a ginger martini which was rum spiked with lime, and a dash of ginger. Totally delicious and I highly recommend it. K ordered a vodka-based martini that was quite strong, nevertheless, very tasty, and I also recommend it but only if you are not driving later. The dimsums were good but not great, and there were just way too many of them. We ended up feeling stuffed at the end of the starter course itself. As a main course, we ordered jasmine rice with a side of braised tofu in a …

Spinach and Ricotta Tortellini

Awesome Spinach and Ricotta Cheese Tortellini

Weekend cooking is a meme hosted by Beth Fish Reads. It is open to anyone who has any kind of food-related post to share: Book (novel, nonfiction) reviews, cookbook reviews, movie reviews, recipes, random thoughts, gadgets, fabulous quotations, photographs. If your post is even vaguely foodie, feel free to grab the button and link up anytime over the weekend. Please link to your specific post, not your blog’s home page. For more information, see the welcome post. Last weekend at the Hyatt, we cooked some amazing food. One was the spinach and ricotta tortellini whose recipe I am sharing here. The other was the Jamaican rub chicken that we grilled on the Weber grill. I am vegetarian and so I didn’t actually taste the chicken. People who tasted it said it was well-done. Of course, it could have been mere politeness, but I would prefer to think otherwise πŸ˜‰ . Anyway, I am posting the recipe for the dish that I actually tasted, the sauce was delish, and since it is a recipe from the …

Chefs at Work

Poolside Grilling at the Hyatt

Weekend cooking is a meme hosted by Beth Fish Reads. It is open to anyone who has any kind of food-related post to share: Book (novel, nonfiction) reviews, cookbook reviews, movie reviews, recipes, random thoughts, gadgets, fabulous quotations, photographs. If your post is even vaguely foodie, feel free to grab the button and link up anytime over the weekend. Please link to your specific post, not your blog’s home page. For more information, see the welcome post. I made a return to the Hyatt this weekend. K and I had such a wonderful dinner the last time that we went, I knew I would jump at another opportunity to return there. Well, the Hyatt, Four Seasons Wines, and Weber Grills provided one such opportunity on Saturday – a lovely invitation for a few bloggers to take part in a cook-out by the pool. Wine was served to lighten up the atmosphere and to encourage everyone to mingle. I picked out a rich Cabernet Sauvignon and we settled in by the pool to get to know …

kala ghatta ice gola


I must be having food on my brain, so many of my recent posts are food-oriented. Anyway, if food is on my mind, it definitely has to be on my blog and so here is another food-related post :). While in Goa, my friends and I were discussing how cool it would have been to have easy food delivery options to our hotel room, which reminded me of Foodpanda. This is a great online resource to order food online. If this app was available to us in Goa, a couple of food-oriented late nights (not a good idea with tired kids) could have been avoided. Anyway, here’s how Foodpanda works. You just need to enter your location details in a form on their home page, and you immediately get a list of food outlets that deliver to your area. From there, you just click on to the restaurant menu, select your food, and proceed to checkout. The restaurant delivers the food to your location, and you can either pay when they deliver or online at …

Ricotta cheese kebab

Gourmet Indulgence at The Pink Poppadom with Four Seasons Wines

After what seems like ages (actually it’s been ages), K and I went on a proper dinner together sans the littles. Gourmet Indulgences is a mega-campaign launched in 6 cities in India to pair the high-quality Four Seasons Wines with some equally high-quality food. I received an invite for 2 and this way K and I fulfilled a dream of trying out some experimental fine dining Indian food. The venue we chose was The Pink Poppadom at Hyatt. We tried their tasting menu and paired up the food with some amazing Cabernet Sauvignon by Four Seasons Wines. Suffice to say, the food, wine, and hotel decor was mega-awesome. We went on a sunday night when it was pouring heavily outside. The end result was that we had a quiet place to ourselves. The hostess at the restaurant offered us pool-side seating, which would normally not be available on busier days. We settled in with the wine and waited for the evening to unfurl. One of the wonderful things I realized about a tasting/set menu is …

I forgot the name of this dessert but it's made with Belgian chocolate and it was heaven

Super Saturday with Snubnose

Last saturday, snubnose and I had an exclusive 1-1 session. We used to do this on a regular basis, but of late, she’s been too busy (yes, she has!), and so have I. The Strand Book Festival was a great excuse for us to plan a fun saturday out, and just that we don’t feel too guilty for leaving out the boys, we offered to do all the weekend errands as well (grocery shopping, picking up stuff after repairs, and even sneak in a visit to a sick relative). The plan was as follows and we executed and timed it perfectly πŸ™‚ Art class for the snubnose. Kept her nicely busy while I finished all the errands. Lunch – nothing too fancy, but yummy dessert was a must Attack the Strand Book sale It doesn’t sound like much of a plan, but we ended up spending the day outdoors returning home exhausted but happy. We debated over restaurants for some time before settling on the Coffee Day Lounge in CMH Road, Indra Nagar. This is …

Ride-on Dilemma

Piglet is fast outgrowing his stroller, so much so that he looks positively ridiculous sitting in it. I realized this during our trip to Chennai, when he got up and started walking around still strapped in the stroller dragging it wherever he went!!! It was so funny to see, I dropped my phone from laughing and never got a proper photo of him. Basically, everyone at the mall gaped at him like he was He-Man or something. So, last week at yet another mall, we visited Hamley’s in Phoenix MarketCity in Bangalore (one of our favorite places to hang out) to see if we could find a more suitable ride for him. What’s not to like about Hamley’s? There are plenty of toys on display, children can try out a lot of stuff, and the staff are the most serene. At one point, Piglet threw a dump truck on the ground, and I instinctively looked around guiltily (I really should have been sharper), but the sales assistant was very chill about it. According to him, …

This is an image taken from the Habanero website. We ordered the fajita with mixed vegetables

Lunch at Habanero

Habanero is the spanking new Tex Mex restaurant that has opened up on 12th Main Road, Indra Nagar. It suddenly sprouted up new and shiny last month, and my colleagues and I were just waiting for an opportunity to make a visit, and now finally we did. Habanero is ideally the place for drinking + food. They offer a tempting happy hours special on Indian booze between 12:00-10:00 pm. Unfortunately, ours was a working lunch, and we could not take up their offer. Next time though, I am definitely coming on my time to try their Sangria and Margherita pitchers. We more than made up for the lack of alcohol though. We ate enough to feed an army. Here are some photos: We were way too hungry to take photos and so I have taken these snaps from the Habanero website. On the left in the above photo is the dish I ordered – Vegetable Medley – which was grilled vegetables (yummy zucchini, broccoli, and mushrooms) served with Spanish rice, potatoes, and beans in a …

Didn't realize the blueberry almond crumble is heart-shaped until I saw the photo I took

Enjoyable Time Getting Berry’d Alive

Last week, we went to Berry’d Alive – a dessert place in Indra Nagar that was simply a heavenly experience. This time, I believe pictures speak louder than words and so am ditching the review. Here are two photos of the desserts that we ordered… This is simply a must-go place for Bangaloreans with a taste for out-of the way sweet eats. Don’t come here expecting your regular vanilla ice creams and pineapple pastries. Come with an open mind and you will enjoy your desserts. Address: No. 1079, 12th Main Road, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore


The Island – A Restaurant Review

Indra Nagar in Bangalore is chock-full of restaurants. Almost every other building houses some kind of eating joint or the other. And it’s not just about quantity, almost each restaurant in this area offers a unique and interesting ambience, menu, and overall dining experience. To enliven a boring working Saturday, a couple of colleagues and I decided to try the new The Island resto-lounge that has opened in 80 Feet Road, Indra Nagar. Normally, I am a little apprehensive when the term resto-lounge or resto-bar is used to describe something – I always associate it with a closed, smoky, dark, and boozy ambience. But, I had seen The Island from outside and knew this place would be pretty different. And it was. Different. In an awesome way. As we walked in to the place, we could hear soothing, running water everywhere. And we immediately felt relaxed and ready to turn a dull boring day into an unexpected treat. We picked some outside seating close to the fountain and got down to the serious business of …

The Awesome Eternity Pool (photo taken from Alila website) Our photo didn't really do justice to this one

Sunday Brunch at Alila’s High 5 Tapas Bar

I am really lucky to be married to a very lucky man. OK, that sentence came out sounding so weird, I better explain in more detail. My husband K doesn’t really take part much in lucky draws, competitions, and stuff like that. But, when he does he almost always wins. I mean since our wedding, his win ratio has been pretty astounding. Two years back, he won a competition on Radio 1 – two air tickets and some additional vouchers for a holiday to Sri Lanka! Radio 1 is an extremely popular radio channel here in Bangalore, and believe me, it’s seriously difficult to even get connected to the music jockey, let alone manage to win something decent. And again last week, he got lucky when we won vouchers, this time from Radio Indigo, for a Sunday brunch at High 5 Tapas Bar in Alila Hotel, Whitefield. This is a pretty new hotel and still under the radar for many in Bangalore. However, it seems very popular with Whitefield residents. The place was buzzing with …