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When you have frisky little ones, it’s hard to do lunch at a regular restaurant. Half the time there is..

Election Day

Election Day turned out to be an unexpectedly active one. I was super enthused about the elections this time around,..
Dinner at Yauatcha

Dinner at Yauatcha

I’ve been wanting to visit the restaurants in the spanking new 1 MG Road mall for ages, and I was..


I must be having food on my brain, so many of my recent posts are food-oriented. Anyway, if food is..

Ride-on Dilemma

Piglet is fast outgrowing his stroller, so much so that he looks positively ridiculous sitting in it. I realized this..

Lunch at Habanero

Habanero is the spanking new Tex Mex restaurant that has opened up on 12th Main Road, Indra Nagar. It suddenly..

Guilty Pleasures…

In this funny article in The Guardian, the reporter interviews Michelin award-winning chefs about their favorite guilty pleasure foods. The..

Birthday Party Fun

Last weekend was a fun one. The snubnose was invited to a birthday party on Sunday. So, the whole weekend..

Day trip to Pondicherry

I am from Chennai but living in B’lore…so as usual we went to Chennai to celebrate the festival. Man…was it..