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My Ideal Yatra


Every year, I start by planning the ideal holiday. It usually involves perusing a number of travel blogs, visiting a number of travel booking sites, doing tons of currency conversions.

All of this is then followed by tons of wishful thinking. Maybe we will get upgraded to business or first class, maybe I will win a couple of tickets (btw, this actually happened once when we won a holiday to Sri Lanka)!

Best Places for Outdoor Enthusiasts


We all know that the world where we live has several incredible as well as beautiful attractions on offer. Most of them are marvelous places that attract tourists from all corners of the world. From man-made structures developed to the amazing sights offered by Mother Nature, this world has all things on offer. Here are ...

Satisfying A Sophisticated Palette Internationally


I’ve travelled around a lot, and throughout my travels I’ve encountered some very palatable local delicacies. Whether you love the thrills of a high stakes bet in Vegas or fancy something more serene overlooking the views of Thailand, there’s a local restaurant that’s perfect for you – here are just a few of the world’s culinary treasures.

Tagged Again…


...by Amrit of the The Midnight Sun. He has tagged me for the 8 wonders meme. Here are my responses: 8 TV Shows I Love to Watch: None, I don't watch TV at all. If I had to pick something it would be True Blood on HBO and award shows. 8 Favorite Places to Eat: Little Italy Herbs ...