Reading Toni Morrison


Reading is essentially a solitary activity, and I enjoy it that way. However there are some books / authors (I think) that really work when you read along with someone else, and Toni Morrison is one such author. I have read and loved Sula, Song of Solomon, and Beloved however I did come out of them ...

Five Practical Stress Busting Tips That Don’t Break the Bank


Inevitably trying to juggle many commitments, along with worries about finances or health, contribute significantly to soaring stress levels. If you find yourself increasingly frazzled, take a few minutes of well-earned me time and read on for five inexpensive and effective activities which will not only cut stress but also provide a range of other ...

Captains Courageous


Harvey Cheyne is fifteen years old and the spoiled son of a railway tycoon – a combination that is not conducive to pleasantness. In general, he’s extremely spoiled and likes to lord it over everyone.

While traveling on a luxury ship across the Atlantic Ocean, he accidentally falls off the ship and is fished out from the sea by a fishing boat. Harvey imperiously demands to be dropped back home, but he gets a thump on the side of his head for his impudence.

He’s then put to work in the shipping boat learning the duties of a fisherman until the fishing season is over and they can return back to shore. The gruff and hearty crew teach the young man to be worth his salt as they fish the waters off the Grand Banks of Newfoundland.

The entire book is about how this episode in Harvey Cheyne’s life teaches him some hard life lessons and eventually turns out to be the making of him.

Be Safe and Secure Through CCTV Cameras


CCTV security systems are constantly improving with the integration of new technology and the latest in innovation to make our society a much safer place to live. This has led to a great increase in the popularity of these cameras for security purposes. The device has been designed to give you the correct surveillance for ...

Top Places and Attractions to Visit in Delhi


Many of you may know that I am a big fan of Delhi. It's the one place in India I never get tired of visiting. One reason I love Delhi is because of all the wonderful architectural beauty there especially those built during the era of the Sultanate and the Mughal rulers in India. It's ...

An Art Desk for Piglet and a Rainbow Loom for Snubnose


When my birthday rolls along, it almost always mean major shopping expenses. This is the one time of the year I let my inner shopaholic loose buying gifts for Snubnose and Piglet spending money that I wouldn’t normally think of spending on them.

This habit of shopping for them on my birthday started because Snubnose would pout that she didn’t get anything when I was being swamped with gifts (this was when she was very young), and so to avoid making her feel bad, I would get her a little something something. Very soon it developed into a ritual. Then Piglet came along, and of course, I had to get him something as well.

This year though, I was feeling in a real celebratory mood, and so went all out with my gifts for Snubnose and Piglet. I really think the best birthday present is seeing their happy faces while they tear open the packaging of their surprises 😀 .

Here’s an update on what I got them. Both of them loved their gifts, and the quality of both these products was so absolutely fantastic that I had to share these finds on the blog.