Item Girl


Sunheri and Suhana—twin sisters who share a horrific childhood—get caught up in a vortex of pain and deceit when Sunheri, a popular item girl in Bollywood, is accused of murdering her vicious uncle and is sent to jail. Suhana, an aspiring filmmaker, is determined to seek justice for her sister but comes up against Kala, ...

The Night it Rained Guns


On the night of 17-18 December 1995, an aging Russian Antonov-26 plane dropped three weapons-laden wooden pallets over Purulia, a backward, nondescript district in West Bengal. Four days later, the same plane was force-landed at Mumbai’s Santa Cruz airport, from where the mastermind of the operation, Kim Davy aka Niels Christian Nielsen, managed a daring ...

A Pop of Red and a Hint of Nostalgia


It’s been ages since I participated in a What I Wore Wednesdays meme. Frankly, most of the times, my style is not worth mentioning anyway. It’s usually jeans and a tee, layered with a scarf or a sweater.

It’s very rarely that I change this routine up. However, a couple of weeks back I took my old red bag out of storage, and somehow, it’s made everything I wear look new and trendy and fresh once again. And made me want to participate in WIWW again.

Top Ten Books That Would Make a Great Book Club Pick


This is my first 2015 top ten Tuesday post. I don’t know why, but I have been a but unmotivated to do tag/meme posts, but this one was so much fun, I saw this prompt and immediately had half a dozen book choices that I just had to share with you all.

I really like books that are very ambiguous and/or divisive in nature as book club choices. It’s no fun when everyone like or hates a particular book. A little heated (but respectful, of course 😉 ) argument about a book is always such fun.

Keeping that in mind, here are some books that I think would make some great book club choices.

The Five Best Natural Brain Boosting Supplements


Taking in natural supplements to boost the brain can have profound benefits while reducing the possibilities of side effects. However, before going in for natural brain boosting supplements, it would be imperative to know whether they are better than synthetic supplements. Natural versus synthetic supplements What you go in for should is eventually a matter of personal ...