The Whole Tata #HexaExperience


If you’ve been following me on social media (Instagram, Twitter), then you wouldn’t have missed all the excitement we had over the new Tata Hexa SUV that is being launched in January 2017 (pre-bookings start from next week).

To promote their new vehicle Tata planned a big event in conjunction with indiblogger, inviting around 60 bloggers from all over India to come to Hyderabad and experience the Hexa in person.

The Monsoon Murders


For the past couple of months, I’ve been trying to read books with a little more substance, but to be honest, now, I have such little time to read that I need page-turners. Something to get into quickly and something that diverts my mind from my overflowing inbox at work, and kids’ demands at home.

I recently read The Monsoon Murders by Karan Parmanandka, and this really worked for me as a short, thrilling, and easy to read book, and I enjoyed it very much.

Oral use of Pyncogenol 50mg pills provides scores of solutions


Pycnogenol initially represented all types of proanthocyanidin extracts, regardless of source of such extraction. But, now it refers to French maritime pine bark. The mixture of proanthocyanidins in pine bark supports vascular endothelial functions by strengthening collagenous membranes. Pycnogenol also promotes vascular function by controlling nitric oxide levels. In addition to simplifying vitamin C regeneration and preserving vitamin E to a great extract, Pycnogenol is a hydroxyl and superoxide radical nullifier. Collectively, these actions promote the health of blood vessels. Pycnogenol contains a 65-75% proanthocyanidins by weight.

A Tea Tour At Sancha Tea Boutique


Sancha Tea House in Bangalore is a bright and airy space tucked away in a corner of Lavelle Road, so small from the outside, you can barely see it. A friend and fellow blogger Soumya was invited for a tea tasting session here, and she kindly invited me to tag along with her, so one extremely hot Saturday afternoon, we went up and down Lavelle Road trying to find a parking spot, and trying to find this place, amongst all the teeny tiny boutiques over there.

TV Shows I’m Looking Forward to


Now that work is slowly starting to look a little more sane, I can finally find the time to squeeze in a little TV.

And working perfectly to my schedule, Comedy Central has three family-friendly shows (I can so relate to family comedies) lined up that I would definitely like to check out.

WW: Lunch with Friends at Cafe Noir


Last weekend, I met up with fellow food bloggers when we all descended upon Kalmane Koffees in VR Mall for a sampling of some of their lovely coffees and short eats.

Once we were done with that event, we spent a lot of time shopping and generally hanging around in the mall, and there was so much to catch up on, that we ended up drifting into Cafe Noir for a late lunch.

Kalmane Koffees


Kalmane Koffees has long been a favorite hangout of mine. It’s the only place in a mall, I’ve found where you get excellent filter coffee without the sugar premixed in (I loathe sugar in my coffee).

So, when I got an email saying that the Kalmane Koffees in VR Mall had just undergone a makeover, and would I like to come and take a look, and try out their coffees, I jumped at the opportunity.

Globe in a Glass


Sula wines recently presented all the alcohol that are under their umbrella in a roadshow recently.

As you can imagine, it was one massive exhibition with a huge number of brands showcasing their wines and liquors that they work with. Experts from all over the world – Brazil, Argentina, the south of France, all were there keen to explain to us what makes their wine different, and how they make it.

The Wonderful Dussehra Festival of Mysore


Mysore Dasara (Dussehra) is the most glorious state festival of Karnataka. It is one of the biggest festivals of Hindu religion and celebrated for 9 nights before the fall of Dussehra on tenth day. It is believed that on this day Lord Rama killed evil Ravana which is marked as a victory of good over evil. People have been celebrating this festival for the last 600 years and it has become a great tourist attraction because of its grandeur and historical significance.



Hangover on 12th Main Road in Indra Nagar celebrated its first anniversary recently, and they did it in style with a lovely printed invite to our house. Hangover does some marvelous alcohol, so in spite of release deadlines and everything, we cleared up our calendars for the evening to go visit.