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Avoid These 7 Mistakes Before Setting Out to Camp in The Woods


Take your simple and calming trip to the next level by getting camping right. There’s not much that you can do wrong during camping and becoming one with nature and your friends/family in a trip where you get to sleep beneath the stars. But don’t be mistaken, because there are some things you might end up neglecting that might turn your fun camping trip into a boring one. If you want to wake up to chirping birds in a tent that won’t let the bed bugs bite and sit out by the fire and tell ghost stories with ease, keep the following things in mind and make no mistakes. Here are some regrets to avoid when it comes to camping

Wedding Loans by Tata Capital


Planning a wedding this year? You just may be in luck.

For this most special day in your life, there are tons of things you need to plan for – such as an exotic honeymoon, a professional photo-shoot, jewelry and dresses for the bride and groom, catering for the bash, the list is just endless. And all these things need some cold, hard cash in hand. Now that a lot of the demonetization frenzy has died down, most wedding planners have gone back to the same old “only cash or PayTM” formula.

And then come the compromises – one by one you chip away at your dream until your wedding dreams more closely resemble nightmares.

This is pretty much what happened at our wedding. The honeymoon in Switzerland was swapped with something close by. The reception jewels were borrowed, and we basically made do.

Thankfully, this need not be the case now.

Tata Capital has now come up with a wedding loan that can make anyone’s wedding wishes come true.

Teaser Tuesdays: The Husband’s Secret


For some reason (maybe the blurb at the back of the book, or the comparisons with Gone Girl), I read this book thinking it was going to be a thriller. Turns out that there are some thrills in it, but it’s more of a woman’s fiction kind of book – somewhere along the lines of The Escape Artist. I must be living under a rock or something, but it seems like there’s a new lighter, more emotional sort of thriller that’s getting popular these days.

Here’s a teaser, that I thought was quite true in general about long-married couples. What do you think?

Dear Zindagi – Five reasons to watch this movie


Dear Zindagi is being telecast on Zee Cinema this Sunday 23rd April at noon, and I am really excited to watch this movie. These days with two small kids, a job, and a blog to juggle, I don’t get the time to watch movies at the cinema at all. The only movies I watch are on Netflix or TV, long after the kids have gone to bed, and if I am not bone-tired by then (as is often the case).

So, I missed Dear Zindagi in the cinema, but I’m really excited to catch it on TV this Sunday, and I think you should too. Here are five reasons why.



I am shamefully ignorant of the details of the Egyptian civilization. Sure, I know the names of a handful of Kings and Queens, but if questioned further would know next to nothing about any of their reigns, or even who is related to who. I mean, it’s so confusing. A lot of my confusion has to do with the fact that their names are so similar, and they tended to marry into the family, and because this is really ancient history, even the experts seem divided about how to interpret some of the archaeological artifacts.

So, when I picked up Nefertiti by Michelle Moran, it was with the full knowledge that anything she stated would fly by me. The only knowledge I had about Nefertiti was that she was an Egyptian queen, she was known for her beauty, and my mother has a bust of hers in her house from a trip to Egypt aeons ago.



Truthwitch is the first book in the Witchlands series by Susan Dennard. This book came with high praise from Fantasy writers I respect such as Sarah J.Maas and Robin Hobb, and so I started on it with very high expectations.

The Poison of Love


This book came to me unrequested from Penguin Random House, and I put it on the back of my TBR list, intending to read it at some vague point in time when I had nothing on hand to read. After all the title is so cliché – The Poison of Love? All I could think of when I saw the book was that slogan that so many cabbies and auto-drivers put up on their vehicles – Love is slow poison. So yeah, when a book title reminds you of corny auto-drivers, it’s not a good sign.

Nevertheless it looked like a short and easy read, so I put up my feet one sweltering Sunday afternoon, and read this book from start to finish. And then I put it down and read it again. My mind was blown by just how powerful a punch this book packs.

An Art and Alcohol Fueled Weekend


Last weekend was one hectic action-packed one. I was booked in for a blog event, Snubnose was committed to take part in a mural painting event that was from dawn to dusk on both days of the event. Well, just kidding on the dawn to dusk part, but you get the idea, she was going to be occupied outdoors on two blisteringly hot days. I would need to be on hand to make sure she’s properly fed and hydrated, and be on hand to bring her back home if she gets too tired and hot (she’s prone to migraines in the heat).

Rather serendipitously, the blog event at Big Pitcher was a stone’s throw away from the park where she was painting. So, we all agreed that on Saturday, we could drop her off at the park, hang around with her till lunch time, and then K, Piglet, and I would spend a couple of hours at Big Pitcher and then join Snubnose at the park.