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Boating in Bheemeshwari


A couple of months back, us and a couple of our friends made a short weekend trip to Bheemeshwari. We stayed at the Jungle Lodges resort there. Bheemeshwari is roughly 2.5 hours from Bangalore. The road (Kanakapura Road) is fairly decent all the way upto Muthathi, after which the road is a bit bumpy.

I have heard a lot of positive feedback on Jungle Lodges and my experience was no different. They offer two stay options – log cabins and tents. We opted for the log cabins, as I was a bit wary about insects. The log cabin was huge, and very tastefully done up (in a rustic manner). I would recommend the log cabins if you are travelling with elders or children.

The food in Bheeemeshwari is decent fare. I did not try the non-veg options, but my friends say that it was excellent. They also offered some beer with the food, so everybody was generally very happy.

Bachna ae haseeno – movie review


Recently saw Bachna ae haseeno on DVD....this being a hit movie, I am sure everyone has either seen the movie heard enough about it, that they don't need to read about it again In this post, I just want to share the impressions that I took away from this movie. I really liked Ranbir Kapoor in this role. ...

Nishita Kumar’s New Avatar – Yogini


I have done the aerobics, and I have done the weights, and I have done dancing, and swimming...I have practically tried every fitness trend there is on the planet. The one similarity amongst all the workouts that I did was the focus on two singular aspects - burning calories, and fitting into jeans I have ...

Chick-lit Zindabad !


Do you have some days when you don't want to read anything that you cannot finish within a couple of hours? Well, whenever I am in that mood, I generally turn to my favorite mystery /suspense novelists to give me my CTs (cheap thrills). However, one of my friends is a big fan of the chick-lit genre ...

Dinner with my much-missed ex-colleagues


Last month, Shobha (one of my colleagues from our HP days) came to visit Bangalore. Our whole gang met up for dinner and we all had a total and complete blast. I am not going to blog about it as Shobha has already written it up in detail in her blog. Here is the link...

Literature preferences between the genders


Very interesting article that talks about the differences in reading preferences between men and women ! Apparently, men liked novels about alienation and women like emotional/passionate novels. Nothing very surprising about that ! However, the actual book lists were pretty surprising. Albert Camus's "The Outsider" was no.1 on the men's list. I somehow did not expect that. ...

Sale at the Body Shop


This week there was a sale at the Body Shop - upto 50% off. This being my favorite cosmetic store, I went to have a look. It's so crazy ! I browsed through all the products, and it looked like there were only a couple of products that were 50% off. Such a huge disappointment. :( I ...

Singh is Kinng – I object


Been seeing the promos of Singh is Kinng ad nauseum on the telly. The promos look good, and there seems to be a lot of interest in the movie. This statement is made on the basis of an extremely unscientific poll conducted amongst my pals ! I am however not too kicked about it. I object ...