Beautiful Rimini beach

Visiting Rimini

When you hear the word Rimini what do you think about? Maybe you think tourism, beaches and fun. This is true, but Rimini has…



Amsterdam isn’t all party, party, party as you might have heard, it’s a beautiful place. The capital of the Netherlands has a bit of…

Snubnose's Krishna

Snubnose’s Krishna

One of Snubnose’s favorite motifs in art is the image of Krishna. She’s done plenty of work depicting this Hindu deity (one shared here)….

Piglet and friend on the caterpillar ride

Wah Wah Wonderla

The last weekend of the summer holidays was a blast. We didn’t do any summer vacation this year, and Snubnose was particularly disappointed by…


Moving Pictures

When Sir Terry Pratchett passed away earlier this year, I made a vow to reread his entire Discworld set of books as a homage…