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Five Adverse Health Effects of Smoking


Smoking tobacco products is bad for you. Period. End of story.

There is absolutely nothing good that happens to your body when you put that cigarette or any other tobacco product into your mouth. The American Lung Association has estimated that over 7,000 chemicals are released when you light up.

That’s 7,000 chemicals that are not only going into your body and putting you at risk, but also putting the health of other’s around you at risk. If this has already convinced you that smoking isn’t a good choice, great! You can stop reading this article and go live your healthy life.

Southern Heat at Barbeque Nation


On Monday, Snubnose and I did our regular stop at Barbeque Nation to sample some of their special edition Southern Heat food festival that focuses on South Indian foods.

Barbeque Nation always does these events in a big way – so when you go, you can expect a humongous variety of dosas, idlis served table side, live counters serving food prepared to your taste, and tons more food in the main buffet. You never leave hungry from a Barbeque Nation.

There was heavy traffic (so what’s new about that in Bangalore) all the way to the restaurant, and Snubnose and I entered ravenous and ready to do justice to all the food on offer.

Lemon Verbena – The Wonder Herb


Worried about being overweight? Finding it difficult to stick to diet plans? Here’s a miracle herb for you. Lemon verbena, though with its long lanceolate leaves looks trivial, they offer the freshest lime aroma when touched or bruised. The aroma of lemon verbena is evidently better than lemongrass and lemon balm. Some of the most mesmerizing benefits of lemon verbena include – weight loss, soothes digestion, colic, and flatulence. They can even get rid of candida in your mouth. Cedron tea is a widely consumed form of lemon verbena.

Four Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Healthier


They say that most people’s bathrooms are cleaner than their kitchens and in most cases, that’s completely true. A lot of us don’t clean our kitchens as much as they really should be cleaned. Yes, we know that cleaning is nobody’s favorite thing in the universe, but it’s got to be done.

Don’t try to get out of this now! If you want a healthy life or family, you’ve got to start with where you spend most of your time – the kitchen.

Five Reasons Why Your Kitchen Renovation Project Will Most Likely Go Over-Budget


At one point in all our lives, we’re going to want to redesign or renovate our kitchens. We spend so much time in our kitchens that we quickly begin to notice how certain things could be improved or how the placement of other things annoys us.

Whatever your reason for doing so, a kitchen renovation project is no small task and should not be started without a plan and without doing the proper research beforehand. It’s a massive project that requires tons of materials and of course, money.

Yes, here’s a shocker. You’re going to have pull out the big bucks to succeed in a kitchen renovation project. And here’s another shocker: You’re probably going to go over budget.

The Cinthol Deo Stick – Product Review


Cinthol’s new range of deo sticks for men and women is on the market, and these new ones are looking and smelling goood.

I’ve always liked the smell of Cinthol’s soaps but I’ve never tried their deo sticks before. This one, I first saw on my friend, and she really liked it enough to recommend it to me.

My Family and Other Animals


I first read My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell as a pre-teen, just when I was beginning to leave my childhood infatuation with animals (and dreams of becoming a vet) behind, and moving onto more adult pleasures – like makeup, fashion magazines, and romance novels.

At that time, reading this book extended my childhood for a few more months I think before I fully tumbled into teen-hood. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that when I saw this book in the library recently, I happily picked it up again for a reread.

Midnight Sun


Midnight Sun by Jo Nesbo is the second book in the Blood on Snow (Fisherman) trilogy by Jo Nesbo. I thought this was a standalone book when I picked it up, and when I realized it was part of a series, I was apprehensive I wouldn’t be able to understand the plot. Thankfully, I had no issues with it, and in every way, it reads like a standalone book.