The top 5 clothing items every toddler boy will wear


There’ll come a time that you’ll need to dress your son, particularly while they’re still a toddler because they don’t understand fashion. At first, the issue of toddler boy clothing seems a dull topic, that’s until you’ve got a young son. Suddenly the subject turns to a captivating one. Of course, he won’t wear flowers and pretty pinks, but that doesn’t have to mean that you won’t have a great time while shopping for your son.

If you wish to know how to style your toddler son, you’re in the right place. We’ve gathered quite a handful of information to enable us to share some tips on the best clothing items every toddler boy will wear.


Most toddlers live in shorts during summer, and it’s excellent for their tiny legs to be out in the sunshine and fresh air. Pick up cotton shorts that he can comfortably play in and cargo shorts for the more dressy times.

Denim shorts are an option as well and look great on toddlers; however, they may not be as comfy as the much lighter cotton shorts, don’t buy many, one or two should be enough.


Perhaps not a great option in the warmer months of the year – but it’s okay to have a pair or two, but pants come in handy at the onset of autumn. A pair of jeans, perhaps a pair of corduroy pants and a pair of sweatpants is enough. Supposing that you live in an area that experiences warmer summers, we suggest you acquire more pants as compared to shorts.

Woolen vest

Kids and more so boys are busy creatures that can barely stay at one point at a time. Often you’ll find them elbow deep in sand, paint, or dirt so long-sleeve garments aren’t always practical. Knitted vests come in handy in the colder months as they ensure you boy’s core warmth remains in the optimum range while his arms are free to play.

Long-sleeved shirts

At some point you’ll acquire three or four long-sleeved shirts, say simple uncollared shirts or a polo shirt when you pack your boys spring or winter clothing at the onset of summer. Long sleeved shirts are useful on cold days and also safeguard your boy’s arms from mosquitoes and the searing sun during summertime.

Superhero tailored t-shirts

Buy lots of t-shirts! Your toddler son will wear t-shirts more than any other clothing item that appears on this list. And he’ll get them dirty so fast you’ll perhaps go through a pile before you know it.

On a more positive note, however, t-shirts are easy to wash, and you don’t need to change them whenever he has a spillage.

Among the many t-shirts, buy one or two of a superhero. Superhero gear always looks great on kids, don’t let your son miss out by buying one on the I Am Superhero website.

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