Best Dining of 2017


Last year was a year of some pretty interesting dining experiences. I went to a ton of new places, and tried lots of different cuisines at different price points – an eclectic and excellent dining year, which is now evidenced by a roll around my tummy that I am now planning to work off.

You can see all my dining out posts here, but below I wanted to summarize the best of the best of 2017 in terms of food – my top 5 favorite dining spots.


Pan-Asian is my favorite cuisine, and I was lucky enough to try some great Pan-Asian restaurants new to me. Oko is one of the high-end options for excellent Pan-Asian food. Located in the 5th floor of the Lalit Ashok hotel – it has a lovely ambiance and great views. I loved everything I tried there, but the highlights were the dumplings, and the sizzling eggplant. Yum!

Sizzling eggplant in barbeque sauce

Sizzling eggplant in barbeque sauce

Read on about my Oko experience here.


If you are looking for Pan-Asian food, but don’t want the 5-star experience or prices, then Misu is the place for you. Their cocktails were the best, and their food even more so. I still dream about their stir-fried vegetables with chili garlic basil – so delicious. It’s the one place I recommend to all and sundry. The atmosphere is funky, loud, and colorful. They have a huge menu with tons of variety, so it’s especially perfect for large celebratory gatherings. I love the place!

Rice and vegetables

Rice and vegetables

Read on for more about Misu here.

Johnny Rockets

I was invited for the launch of this restaurant in Virginia Mall, Whitefield. I love how unpretentious this place is. The quality of the food is amazing, the kids love everything on the menu, and it’s super-clean and well-maintained. After the launch I have visited this restaurant multiple times on my own and it never gets boring. If you have kids, this is a safe place to bring them. There are plenty of options for kids and adults.

The milkshakes and the french fries are a do not miss!

The chocolate, oreo, and mocha fudge milkshake

The chocolate, oreo, and mocha fudge milkshake

More about Johnny Rockets here.

Big Pitcher

Apart from Misu, another great place for cocktails (and beers) is Big Pitcher. Their micro-brewery was good, but the cocktails were even better. I enjoyed everything I tried. If you go there, don’t miss The Kiss on the Lips – a potent combo of Baileys, Kahlua, and vodka.

Samples of beer for everyone to share

Samples of beer for everyone to share

My post on Big Pitcher is up here.

District 6

District 6 opposite Orion Mall in North Bangalore is ideally situated for north, west, and Central Bangaloreans. It’s also very accessible by metro. They have a really excellent micro-brewery stocking the best beer I had last year. The food is excellent too. I am a huge fan of their beer bread, and I would happily make the trek there just for the bread alone.

The beer bread

The beer bread

My post on District 6 here.

So this was my list of top 5 places. There were plenty of other excellent dining places – Ging, and Bonsouth come to mind. And Barbeque Nation was also dependably good.

Still, for this post to have any meaning, I wanted to restrict it to just the top 5 places, and hence this shortlist – Oko, Misu, Johnny Rockets, Big Pitcher, and District 6 – covering all locations, price points, and cuisines.

What are some of your memorable 2017 dining spots? Have you visited any of the ones I mentioned?


    oh my such yummy food! I want to visit all these places next time I am in Bangalore.

    • Nishita You should. All these places are super-awesome. You could give Johnny Rockets a skip since you should be having that in the US already.

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