Top Alternative Campsites in the West


Each year, thousands of people pack up their cars and head off to their favorite campsite. They spend time in the country, experiencing new sights and sounds that are a world away from city life.

If you like visiting new campsites each year, you might be starting to run out of the popular sites near where you live. If that’s the case, try out some of these alternative campsites. They offer amazing views and the opportunity to go somewhere not many have been to before.

Red Rock Canyon Ricardo Campground

Located in Southern California, this amazingly picturesque campsite is often missed because of the site with the same name in Nevada. Walking around this area shows you all the beauty this place has to offer. Numerous caves are tucked into the cliffs, and there are miles of trails that you and the family can explore.

It’s also just under two hours from Los Angeles, so if you live nearby it’s just a short drive away.

Canyonlands National Park

Found in Utah’s Canyonlands National Park, the Island in the Sky has amazing panoramic views that could easily rival the Grand Canyon. The way in is mostly rock and dirt roads, but the benefits are there for all to see.

There are many trails and photo opportunities, and you also have to see the famous Mesa Arch.


Located on the Lower McCloud River in Northern California, there are over 16 sites that fork off the dirt road. It’s a lush wilderness with trees, foliage and lots of wildlife. The river is clean and the perfect place for a dip, especially on a hot day.

Apart from trout fishing, you can also walk up in the forest trees and see some amazing animals. The banks are perfect for a camp fire, and you can try out a migas recipe from Easy Campfire Recipes. For those that love the greenery of nature, this is the place.

Channel Islands

If you’re looking for something that has that remote feeling, then the Channel Islands in Southern California are the place to go. Although there is a waiting list, it’s far shorter than other campsites in the area.

There’s transportation to and from the island. However, you need to make sure you take everything you need because this is an island after all.

Eagle Creek

Camping among the fir and maple trees will seem like a dream come true to some campers. The amazing Eagle Creek sits in the heart of Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge. You will find many types of wildlife there including osprey and wild salmon.

If you want a breath-taking sight, then be sure to trek over to the Eagle Creek waterfall. It’s certainly worth the visit.

There are many wonderful places to stay all over the US, and these are just some of those that have remained relatively unknown. Now you can go somewhere not many have ventured to before.

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