Most Popular Day Time Soap Operas of All Time


Soap operas which run for a very long time are generally popular and supported a large group of fans. There are many famous examples to prove this fact and we are going to explore some of those. A list of the seven most popular soap operas will help you decide your next obsession. These TV series have won the hearts of many due to their quirky characters and unique storylines. Here are some of the most popular day time soap operas that you must see if you the idiot box.

  1. General Hospital

A show that has completed more than fifty years but is still going strong. As the title suggests, General Hospital as the title suggests revolves around a hospital with an interesting amalgamation of multiple storylines. The show is also famous for its iconic couples that won the heart of many people. Some of the topics that this show has tackled are mental health, alcoholism, AIDS etc. General Hospital was nothing short of a revelation when it comes to daytime soap operas and therefore it remains as one of the most watched soap operas in the US.

  1. All My Children

All My Children is remembered for its unique take on serious and realistic topics like homosexuality, rape, drug abuse etc. This show was not for the faint hearted and many people doubted it would ever do that well but this daytime time soap opera surprised everyone. It showed topics that no one was even willing to speak at a time when there was a big gender and racial divide in the US. The show debuted in 1970 and ended its run in the year 2010 but still remains one of the most popular daytime soap operas ever.

  1. The Young and The Restless

Many believe The Young and the Restless is one of the best daytime shows to hit the television. If you ever search Y&R then one of the top searches will be young and the restless comings and goings. This just goes out to prove how much people love this show even in the present times. Some of the reasons this show is so popular is because of its characters, their background stories, the sizzling couples and the writing. There are many memorable characters on the show and having just a single favorite is difficult.

  1. Bold and The Beautiful

Bold and the Beautiful is also one of the most popular daytime soap operas that continue to wow us since its inception around fifty years ago. It revolves around the fashion industry and shows the character’s trials to handle their relationships and career in a cutthroat environment. This show was has been the favorite of different generations and still stars many of its original cast. Watch Bold and the Beautiful for its scandals, its characters and the memorable couples.

  1. Days of Our Lives

Days of Our Lives had and still has a very large fan base because of how well written the show was. It is an important TV show in American pop culture too with many references of this show being made in films, other popular TV shows like Friends etc. We love Days of our Lives because of its fabulous actors who play our favorite characters and the unique storyline. It might have some outlandish storylines at times but they still entertained us nevertheless. DOOL as the show is famously called remains one of the most popular daytime TV shows ever in America, even in the year 2017.

So these were our favorite daytime soap operas that had or still are having a good run. Do comment below to tell us your thoughts.

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