The Delhi Mumbai War – Who is the Winner?


It’s a never-ending battle between the two cities and the people living in them. They still have divided opinion on whether Delhi is the best or Mumbai. While Delhi citizens have their own sweet reasons, Mumbai citizens are not behind in this race. Whether it’s about their city, the IPL match, or the comparison between their food and culture, it’s an eternal war that is rather fun. So, before you find out the Delhi to Mumbai Flight Ticket Price, let’s see what divides opinions on both these metropolitan cities Delhi and Mumbai, and who is the winner?

Similarities Between Delhi and Mumbai

Both the cities are famous for their street food varieties, and some of the even relate to each other.

  • Pani Puri in Mumbai is the same old Gol Gappa in Delhi.
  • While Mumbai population swears on the evergreen Vada Pav, Delhiites relish the potato recipe sans the “Pav” that is, the yummy Aloo Tikki.
  • Delhi has its memorial in the form of India Gate built in 1921 in the memory of the 82, 000 soldiers who died in, whereas Mumbai has its arch monument, the Gateway of India, built during the 20th century.
  • Both the cities are naturally highly populated due to the diverse job opportunities and so, are a hub for the young and the talented. This makes both the cities extremely crowded and congested and can become distressing especially if you are commuting regularly.
Who is the winner – Delhi or Mumbai?
  • When it comes to environment and pollution, Mumbai definitely takes the cake since the air is much cleaner in Mumbai as compared to Delhi, perhaps due to the sea. Delhi, as we know, is a polluted gas chamber, thanks to the rising air pollution.
  • Mumbai is much safer for girls. They can freely walk around even at 1 am in the night. Delhi, on the other hand, is not so safe these days, especially for women.
  • People in Mumbai are humble and patient, and so you would witness a much calmer environment at the queues and lines at the railway ticket counters, banks, etc. However, in Delhi, people are more egoistic and you would often hear abusive language as they lose their patience.
  • The cab driver and the auto-rickshaw drives are actually cordial In Mumbai. The autos run on meters, and they would quietly take you to your destination while they mind their own business all the way. However, you would find swagger auto-rickshaw drivers demanding exorbitant fares even for a smaller distance.
  • When it’s about the climate, Delhi definitely has the upper hand as you would experience the real winters there. You can wear sweaters and even demand for winter vacations. The situation is just opposite in Mumbai since there is nothing called winter, but just a pleasant weather.
  • Delhi is far superior to Mumbai regarding infrastructure and education. While the Delhi metro is already famous, the city also boasts some of the top schools in India. Mumbai on the other hand is still struggling with its infrastructure, metro lines, and education is far off.
  • Delhi offers wider roads that are much cleaner than the Mumbai roads. Everything else like the malls, houses, schools, parks and the colleges are much bigger than what you would find in Mumbai.
  • There can be no competition to Delhi when it’s about food. The food is delicious here with a wide range of cuisines available from all over India. Mumbai, on the other hand, does not have an identity in terms of food yet, except they vada pav or the pav bhaji.

As we can see, both the cities have their own charm and specialities. While we love the warmth of the lush blue sea in Mumbai with the light sea breeze freshening up your senses, you also cannot miss the mouth-watering dishes and the hustle bustle of Delhi. So, find the lowest Delhi to Mumbai Flight Ticket Price today and don’t miss the specialties of any of these cities.

2 Responses
  • Jenny @ Reading the End
    November 18, 2017

    Ooh, excellent! I want to go back to India in the next few years, and I had definitely been thinking about Mumbai.

    • Nishita
      November 18, 2017

      @readingtheend:disqus As a tourist, I’d definitely recommend Delhi over Mumbai. That is if you are after the history and culture. Mumbai is the gateway into Goa which is all beach/party.

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