Simple Things You Can Do to Make Yourself Happier


We would all like to be happier, and in today’s fast paced world, it’s easy to fall into the trap of not making enough time to address our own wants and needs sufficiently. Neglecting the most basic components of our overall happiness and well being leaves us open to developing problems with both our emotional health and, as a result, our physical health as well.

The good news is that improving our overall happiness isn’t as difficult as many of us envisage it being. There are a number of simple things that we can do every day that, over time, will add up to a much better general state of well being.

Find a Creative Outlet

Art therapy has proven to be very effective in a number of individuals suffering from a wide range of psychiatric conditions. Creative activities engage multiple areas of our brain simultaneously and encourage these different regions to work together in new ways. The result is that we are able to start thinking about problems in new ways and formulate novel solutions to them. This means we are able to deal with things through pathways in the brain that would not exist without us exercising our brains creatively.
Art therapy doesn’t necessarily have to involve painting or drawing. Any form of creative outlet can be used to facilitate art therapy, whether it’s writing, music, or even acting, as long as you are engaging your brain creatively then you can reap the benefits.

Find Good Reading Material

Reading books is a good way to improve overall mental health. Numerous studies have shown that reading books of any type are helpful when trying to improve an individual’s overall mood and happiness. There are a number of possible explanations for this, but the consensus seems to be that reading keeps our minds occupied and therefore helps us to avoid intrusive or triggering thoughts which negatively impact our moods.
Reading is also thought to be good at engaging the emotional centers of our brains and so encourage us to develop our emotional understanding. This in turn is thought to directly improve our ability to process emotional events, both positive and negative. Some people find that self-help books are useful in helping them to cope with various issues that they might be having. Others find collections of quotes useful as a way of nudging their mind in the right direction when needed. You can find similar guides online now for free and organized by quote meanings.


Laughter is one of the oldest known ways of improving our happiness. We are all familiar with how laughter can help to transform our moods in the short-term, but less people realize the power of laughter to transform our general mood and outlook over the long term.

Making ourselves happier doesn’t necessarily require us to make any dramatic alterations to our lifestyles. All it requires is that we are willing to make a few simple changes to our lives and make the necessary effort to pay attention to our emotional as well as physical health.

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