Learn How to Make Your Own Body Wrap to Lose Weight at Home


If you’ve been intrigued by the body wraps available at top salons and spas that claim to help you lose weight and detox, then there’s no doubt you’ve been wondering if you can replicate the results at home. Sure, it’s wonderful to have this service performed at a spa, but chances are it’s going to cost a fair amount of money, which means you may not be able to have it done as often as you’d like.

You don’t need to visit a spa for a body wrap. If you’ve been wanting to try a body wrap at home, but aren’t sure what you need to make one, you’re going to want to read on. These tips are designed to help you get the same effective results you’d find at a spa.

The Basic Body Wrap

Even if you have no previous experience whatsoever, you’ll find that making a basic body wrap is very easy and quick. This is a good basic wrap to start with and it is meant to be worn while you sleep. All you will need is bandage wrap, clear plastic wrap, and a high-quality body lotion. If you were to have this wrap in a salon, you’d most likely be using a lotion that contains mud, kelp, or seaweed, so look for those ingredients when shopping for a lotion.

Apply lotion to the area you wish to target, then wrap plastic wrap around the area at least twice, and then use a bandage wrap to ensure everything stays in place. You want to keep the area covered and snug, but not tight. You can then head to bed and enjoy the results in the morning. In order to boost the results of the wrap, drink at least one or two glasses of water in the morning. This will help to encourage the drainage of lymph system waste.

Basic Weight Loss Body Wrap

If you want to make a basic weight loss body wrap, use the following technique. It’s best to leave the wrap on for 45 minutes to one hour. Simply mix together vitamin E oil with Epsom salt and rub it on the targeted area of your body. Next, wrap that area in plastic wrap and then drape a blanket over yourself.

The Anti-Cellulite Body Wrap

One of the most popular wraps out there is the anti-cellulite body wrap. As its name suggests, this one targets cellulite and can help with weight loss. With this wrap, you will be making a paste for your stomach area. You’ll need coconut oil, sea or Epsom salt, organic caffeinated green tea, an essential oil of your choosing, organic cacao powder, clear plastic wrap, bandage wrap, and a heating pad or blanket.

Simply mix all the ingredients together to form a thick paste, and then apply it to your tummy. Next, wrap your tummy in at least two layers of plastic wrap, then the bandage wrap. Place the heating pad on top and stay this way for about 45 minutes.

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Each of these wraps is extremely simple to do at home and could just help you get the results you want. Try them at home and have fun!

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