Diet Essentials for Body Builders


Bodybuilding is a sweet science that involves much more than just working out and eating a bunch of calories. To develop a truly ripped and impressive physique, bodybuilders have to focus equally on both exercise and diet. In fact, diet may be even more important than physical activity, as malnutrition combined with rigorous training is a sure recipe for soreness, fatigue, weight loss and/or slow gains.

With that said, here are the most important diet essentials every body builder should consume on a regular basis:

A Powerful Supplement

While a diet based on whole foods is highly recommended, as a bodybuilder it’s also important to boost your nutrition with concentrated vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbs, and other crucial components. Supplements deliver all the crucial components a bodybuilder needs within an easily digestible, concentrated form. You can use sites like to compare the most popular supplements and determine which one would best fit into your diet and training regimen.

Beans, Nuts, and Legumes

Beans, nuts, and legumes are excellent sources of clean and efficient plant-based proteins. Plus, they’re cheap, high in calories, low in fat, soft and easy to digest, convenient to snack on throughout the day, and compatible with just about any meal. If eating beans and nuts all day doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, you could just toss them in your smoothies for a quick boost in calories and protein.

Germinated Brown Rice

Germinating and slow-cooking brown rice increases levels of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) present within the food, which has been shown to stimulate the natural production of human growth hormone (HGH) within the body. As such, germinated brown rice (GBR) is often touted as a potent tool for weight gain and growth. Plus, combining any type of grain (i.e. – rice, corn, wheat) with any type of bean or legume forms a complete protein that contains all of the amino acids needed for muscle production.

Healthy Fats and Oils

Fats are commonly vilified and blamed for a wide variety of health issues. However, consuming the right kinds of fats is one of the most important things a bodybuilder can do to protect and build their joints, ligaments, and cartilage. Sufficient fat intake also helps keep energy levels stable. All fats are fine in moderation, but some should be consumed regularly while others should be consumed responsibly. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t be eating greasy bacon every morning due to the high concentration of “bad” saturated fats, but avocados, fish, coconuts, olive oil, and other sources of Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids should be staples in your diet.

Don’t Forget Fruits, Vegetables, and Lean Meats

Finally, no one should have to tell you that fruits and vegetables deserve a place in every healthy diet. Vitamins and antioxidants are highly underrated nutrients used by the body to enhance protein synthesis – not to mention the trace minerals plant-based foods provide. Additionally, bodybuilders can almost always benefit from the moderate consumption of lean meats like chicken, turkey, and fish.

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