Three Things You Must Do on Your Next Trip to Thessaly, Greece


A trip to Greece is like no other trip you’ve been on before. The country is absolutely steeped in ancient history and architecture, giving tourists a true once-in-a-lifetime experience. One of the most intriguing areas of Greece to visit is the region of Thessaly. Located in northern Greece just south of Macedonia, the landscape is stunning thanks to the mountains to the north and the coastal areas to the southeast.

It’s more than just the landscape of the region that draws tourists here, however. Thessaly’s Neolithic roots date back to 2500 BCE, so you’ll be treated to all kinds of incredible experiences when you travel to this region. So, if you’ve got plans to visit Thessaly, Greece, here’s a look at things and places you should visit.

Check-Out the New Archaeological Find

If you consider yourself something of a history and archaeology buff, you’ll be excited to learn of the new discovery in the Thessaly region that suggests an ancient city once existed. Archaeologists have found evidence of a city in Thessaly that was clearly flourishing in the third and fourth centuries.

The team of archaeologists has found evidence of a town square, coins, pottery, and even a street grid. While the official excavations haven’t begun yet, there is already a large collection of surface material. These items are on display to the public in the VAP museum.

Explore the 60 Million Year Old Rock Formations at Meteora

Because there are only a few areas of Thessaly that are open to tourists, it will be easy to fit it all in on your trip. Meteora is usually the most popular place to visit, as it is also the most stunning side of the region. It features massive rocks that jut up from the valley, with monasteries perched upon the rocks. These rocks have been here for more than 60 million years. The strange and odd shapes are due to various climates and earthquakes that took place during those millions of years.

The monasteries on top of the rocks were built back in the Byzantine times. There are six in total and they make up the second largest community of monasteries in Greece. Thanks to the monasteries in Meteora, the area is especially popular with tourists during the Christmas and Easter seasons.

Enjoy Exotic Beaches and Traditional Villages in Pelion

Why not take a step back from the hustle and bustle of your regular daily life and get a taste of Greece’s most exotic beaches lined by traditional villages? That’s exactly what you’ll find in Pelion. The most popular villages are Tsagarada, Milies, Portaria, and Makrinitsa. These villages are known for their quaint paved pathways, elegant and stunning houses, and the traditional grey stone roofs of the region. Thanks to its mild climate, Pelion can be enjoyed all year-round.

A Region Not to Be Missed

While tourists are eager to flock to Athens, the Thessaly region of Greece offers a whole other take on the country. If it’s laid-back, traditional, and stunning scenery you’re after, this is the area to visit.

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