Reasons Why Ferrets Make Great Pets


Often overlooked, ferrets actually make great pets. Considering ferret as a pet pros and cons is a useful way to decide if they could be the right pet for you. Whilst they are not for everyone, they definitely deserve a bit more attention. Here are some reasons why you should consider a ferret as a great pet.

They are Sociable and Playful
Ferrets are an incredibly sociable animal. They require lots of attention and stimulation every day to keep them entertained and happy. It is often recommended that you have more than one ferret, so they can entertain each other, but it is still important that you spend lots of time playing with them too.

They are Loving and Affectionate
Ferrets are incredibly loving, and if you care for them well and spend lots of time with them, they will form a lasting bond with you. You also can’t deny how cute they are! Ferrets all come with different personalities, but with the right care and attention, they will definitely enjoy a cuddle with you.

They are Silly and Comedic
Ferrets can provide lots of entertainment and will never fail to boost your mood. With their playful antics and heaps of energy and curiosity, they will be sure to amuse you for hours. It has always been said that animals are great for providing therapy, and ferrets can be just as good at boosting your mood as a dog or a cat.

They Have a Long Lifespan
It is always sad to become attached to a pet and then lose them. It is unfortunate that we often outlive our beloved pets, so the longer you have with them is so much appreciated. Ferrets live a surprisingly long time for a small mammal, often living for as long as 10 years. If you aren’t sure you can take care of them for that long, then perhaps you should consider adopting an older ferret.

They are Intelligent
It may come as a surprise to you, but ferrets are incredibly intelligent and can even be taught tricks! They are very adept at solving problems and may surprise you at how clever they are. As well as training them to use litter trays and be handled, you can try teaching them some more fun and inventive tricks too.

You Can Take Them for Walks
No, seriously. Dogs aren’t the only pets that can enjoy going on walks. Whilst they can get plenty of exercise running around your home, with a little training and a ferret-suitable harness, you can also enjoy spending time with your ferret on a walk around the park – which will definitely warrant some glances from the people you meet on your stroll.
It is important to understand your pets needs and requirements, to ensure you can provide them with a suitable home and the best care. If you think that you can care for a ferret, then they will become a lovely addition to your family.

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