Five Zombie Movies to Watch on Netflix this Halloween Season


Not only is it Halloween season but if you’re a fan of AMC’s The Walking Dead, then you’re probably spending your weekdays in anticipation of the next episode of the long-awaited Season 8. If you’re itching to get your fix of the undead throughout the week, the good news is that there are several awesome zombie movies available on everyone’s favorite movie streaming site, Netflix. We’ve compiled a list of the best zombie movies available on Netflix right now.

Pandemic (2016)

Set in the near future, Pandemic sees a virus ‘of epic proportions’ take over the planet. With more infected than uninfected, the remaining living humans are beginning to lose their grip on survival, with one last hope of keeping the infected contained and finding a cure. The movie follows the story of Lauren (Rachel Nichols), a doctor who travels to Los Angeles after the fall of New York to lead a rescue team hunting for uninfected survivors.

Condemned (2015)

Tired of her bickering parents, rich girl Maya (Dylan Penn) moves in with her boyfriend and ends up squatting on the Lower East Side of Manhattan in a run-down, condemned building. Living next door to neighbours who are junkies, meth heads, and degenerates, she doesn’t think that it could get much worse – until it does. After the residents become infected by a virus created by noxious waste and garbage, they eventually succumb one by one to a terrifying pathogen that turns their building into a savage slaughterhouse filled with rampaging and bloodthirsty killers.

Contracted (2013)

Samantha (Najarra Townsend) is going through a rough patch in her life when she reluctantly agrees to accept an invitation to her best friend’s party. Although she’s still struggling with a previous addiction, it gets the better of her and she gives in, accepting a drink from a seemingly harmless stranger. But, when she realizes that she has been drugged and ends up raped in the backseat of the predator’s car, this will quickly become the least of her problems. Straight away, she begins to notice drastic, organic physical changes. Unable to pinpoint the origin of this transformation, the next 72-hours see her embrace her gruesome fate.

Night of the Living Deb (2015)

A great one for fans of horror comedies, Night of the Living Deb sees awkward but endearing Deb (Maria Thayer) wake up after a girl’s night out in an apartment with the best-looking guy in Portland. Although she’s thrilled, she has no idea how she got there. When Ryan (Michael Cassidy) tells her it was a mistake and ushers her out of the door, she finds herself in a full-blown zombie apocalypse.

Shaun of the Dead (2004)

Described by Netflix Guides as ‘the perfect movie’, Shaun of the Dead tells the story of two best friends who are trying to make it out of the zombie apocalypse together, and alive. But, while they attempt to rescue their friends and families, they wind up doing what they tend to do most nights – going out to Manchester, getting a pint, and waiting for it all to blow over.

What are your favorite Netflix zombie movies? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

  • I am too scared to watch anything horror. I didn’t mind in college. But then I lost interest in it. My sister loves them though. Thanks for the recos

    • Nishita

      @reshsusan:disqus I don’t get scared then. It’s in the night that they bother me >.< . I watch them anyway 🙂

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