Five Things Customers Want from a Business


We all love to shop, and with the rise of internet shopping, we can indulge any time of the day and from anywhere. Before the internet, consumers, whether domestic or commercial, were limited by geography, closing times and the choices on offer in stores. Now our shopping takes us beyond borders and across all markets, but sometimes our internet shopping experiences can leave a sour taste in our mouth.

There are so many online stores that competition is fierce for a slice of the pie, so often the customer’s user experience is the deciding factor as to whether they buy from a site. Here are 5 things that customers want from e-commerce businesses.

  1. Account Management
    Customers primarily want to be able to be in control of their account and be able to access their details 24/7. They want to have available to them their order history for their internal accounting systems and be able to track any live orders that are outstanding. You need to provide your customers with the opportunity to create product lists so that reordering is a simple process; a company such as Weaveability provides the solution to these requests, and will enable your business to give your customers what they need.
  2. Fast Load Times
    You can have the most well-designed website that displays your products and powerfully promotes your brand, but if your site takes too long to load you will lose your customers. Your homepage needs to be fully loaded within a couple of seconds, and everything from the code up needs to be geared towards helping your site achieve this. Think too about how people access websites; your site needs to be mobile device friendly and be able to load up when people may have a less than ideal internet connection.
  3. Product Descriptions and Images
    One of the downsides of buying things online is that often the item you receive isn’t quite like the one that you bought. You need to make sure that your product descriptions are accurate and provide the information that people need. Can the garments be machine washed? Is the product compliant with regulations? Use good quality images to support your product description, and if possible have a zoom function to allow inspection of key features.
  4. Stock
    Your site needs to have the capacity for real-time stock levels. One of the reasons shoppers use online stores is for convenience, and if you are only able to provide a part of an order, or not be able to honour it at all, your customers will be annoyed, and your reputation may be damaged. You need to use technology that provides real-time data management to provide your customers with the best experience.
  5. Website Security
    By shopping online, the customer is vulnerable to their payment and information being abused. Your customers need to have faith that their transactions are being processed in a safe and secure environment. Show your customers that you have good security protocols in place to reassure your customers. By having a secure site your rankings will improve on search engines, so it really is important that you take all necessary steps to make your business website secure. For example, use secure payment gateways and SSL certificates as a minimum.
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