Affordable Wedding Trends


It is the day every woman who is wife looks back on fondly, whether all went perfectly as planned or relations descended into microcosmic chaos. A woman’s wedding day is one of the most important occasions of her life and the one day when she is most observed. Indeed, the level of the celebration a happy couple puts on for extended family and friends nowadays reaches competitive proportions all over the world. Yet, why should that be so? Promising yourself to another surely need not be about how much money can be spent, but rather a more intimate (regardless of numbers) and personal affair, wherein the character of the betrothed can be encapsulated. Unfortunately, this rarely works out so.

Trends Gone Before

From the school of thought of adhering to tradition and to faith, the ideal image is of those who know and love the bride and groom spilling out and down the street watching their union, confetti flying and tears streaming. Minimizers, however, might envisage only a handful of gathered people; a discrete group circled round the couple on a white sandy beach, laughter and glasses of bubbles tinkling while the ocean laps on the shore at their feet.

Then, there are those who prefer the more business-like and practical exchange of vows witnessed in a registry office; still emotional and fundamentally romantic. Either way, after the serious business of legally binding two souls together, there always comes a celebration; and that’s where money can run away into the ridiculous, if the destination you’ve chosen hasn’t already.

Something Borrowed… Something New…

So it is that the mother-daughter tradition of handing down the wedding dress to the next generation takes on a practical aspect. The wedding dress is, of course, the most important part of the decision-making process. While Bridal Week Spring 2018 might have soon-to-be brides drooling, very few budgets can stretch to dream-worthy creations. Therefore, accepting one’s mother’s lovingly-kept dress (or even one’s grandmother’s) is a sensible step. Even if a dress of past use is no longer in style, those talented with a needle and thread can alter it to suit (or employ someone if such a skill is lacking).

After the dress, letting people know about your intention to marry the man of your dreams is also crucial, obviously. However, the cost of professionally printed invites can be crippling. Therefore, why not make your own wedding invitations and keep back the surplus for the party, honeymoon or married life in general? Just be sure to be clear on the wedding’s theme so that the invites match in some way. That always adds a nice touch.

Themes, indeed, will to a certain extent dictate where the celebratory party is located, but continuing the homemade concept when it comes to table settings (and even flower arranging) will cut costs even further. Perhaps leave the cake to a professional, however, unless either of the couple’s mothers is a genius with layering and icing.

Every wedding is a family affair in some way, and these trends bring that relationship even closer.

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