How to Choose the Perfect Outsourcing Partner?


The process of hiring an outside agency to carry out a specific task according to your need and guidelines is what outsourcing is. You may outsource an IT project, a BPO task or any possible function which your current team is incapable of, or you don’t have the required resources, be it space, time or money, to do.

This process might appear simple but choosing an outsourcing partner certainly isn’t. You have to ensure that the outsourced partner does have the required expertise and is proficient enough to carry out the work according to your expectations. If not, then you may end up spending even more resources than you aimed at saving.

To help ease out this process for you, we have compiled a list which you can use to choose your perfect outsourcing partner.

Don’t Believe What Anyone Says

Don’t simply hire an outside agency just because your friend said so. Instead, try to evaluate them for the work they have done. Ask for a sample of any similar projects they have done in this domain. Also, see if they actually have the required workforce to carry out the task or are they only sufficient enough to handle small-scale projects. All this evaluation will help you determine whether the company is suited for partnership or not.

Speak To Their Reference

Once you receive the sample from the outsourced agency, do make a call to the project owners who previously employed them. Ask themquestions with regards to the outsourced agency’s method of operation, the delivery time and any issue which the hiring agency faced with them. This will help you understand the nature of their work and whether they would be able to merge with your own work system or not.

See If Your Aims Align

A crucial step for a successful outsourcing partnership is for you and other party’s aims to align. Only after you two are extremely clear about your goals will you be able to achieve the desired outcome. For example, a company with preferring quality wouldn’t be the best match with a company preferring profitability and there would come a time when their interests would clash. Therefore hire a company which follows or believes in the vision you have before finally entering into a partnership with same. Any kind of outsourcing for IT software development or Healthcare RCM outsourcing sure does help you in saving a lot on your cost in long run.

Check for Their Financial Stability

This factor can be considered as an extension to the first point, however, is important enough to be said separately. You should check whether the outsource company is financially stable and secure enough to handle the project you are about to give them. This means not only should they have the workforce to complete the task assigned, but should also have monetary fund to hire new people in case the previous ones start to leave. You can find out about the stability by learning about the company owners, the background of directors and of course what the other customers have to say about them.

Be In Constant Touch

Effective communication is one of the most critical factors in establishing a good healthy outsourcing partnership. You should be able to explain the outsourced agency your goals, however once explained till the time your project is finished you should be in touch and provide continuous inputs for same. Keep an eye and ask for daily reports on how the project is progressing. This will keep the hired agency on their toes who then strive hard to deliver results.

See If they provide later support

A good outsourcing agency most of the times does offer you a later customer support, however, make it a point to ask for it during your discussion or meeting. At the very least the outsourced agency should offer your company employees training in how to manage this project well after which their role can be considered to be complete. This way you both will end up satisfied as well as the partnership will succeed.

These tips if considered and followed will allow you to find your ideal outsourced partner in no time.

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