Hair Care Tips While Travelling for A Healthier Mane


We all know the struggles of maintaining our daily skin care or hair care routine while travelling. The travel schedule is usually very hectic and the overwhelming excitement often makes us forget to take proper care of ourselves. If such a situation sounds familiar to you, this article is just for you.

  1. Appropriate Hairstyle
    Bobby pins and hair bands can be immensely useful when you are out exploring a new place. Choosing the hairstyle that is best suited for your day trip can change your hair game. If you are planning to go out in the morning and it is humid, make a top knot or a messy bun. This will keep the hair off of your face and you can enjoy without any hindrance. Don’t keep the hair open as it traps dust, resulting in hair damage.
  2. Using A Scarf
    If you want to flaunt your beautiful tresses on a sunny day, it is best that you protect the scalp from the direct rays of the sun by tying a scarf. A quirky printed scarf can jazz up your outfit too. There are many ways in which you can tie the scarf and there are so many tutorials on YouTube too. One new idea that you can implement is to tie a braid with a scarf. It will make a nice style statement.
  3. Using A Dry Shampoo
    On a vacation, the magical dry shampoo can easily be termed as your temporary best friend. Washing your hair is a tedious task and can take up a considerable amount of time and energy. To avoid such hassle, you can always pack a travel size bottle of your favourite dry shampoo. They fit in perfectly inside any makeup bag and are also available in lots of different variants. Recently, the trend of using a dry shampoo has taken over because it not only because it saves time but also adds volume to your hair. You can check to find out more.
  4. Using A Serum
    What our hair and skin lacks the most during a trip is the moisture that it needs. This lack of moisture can lead to split ends, dry and rough hair. Dry hair is less manageable and can easily result in a bad hair day. To lock in some moisture, apply a nourishing serum or try using a leave in conditioner. After taking a shower, use a serum and the frizz shall all be gone.
  5. Pre-Holiday Hair Care
    The best way to make sure that your hair is set and al in place is to ensure that you take care of your hair pre-holiday time. You can arrange for some diy masks at home with simple ingredients or even visit the hair salon if you do not have enough time. Another way to make things a little different is by going for a haircut followed by the perfect blow dry. This will change your look and also ensure that your hair is set for the initial days of the trip. The internet has many recipes once you look up. Most beauty or fashion bloggers swear by them and the “at home” masks are their go to.
  6. Avoiding Chlorinated Water
    We all know that beach water or pool water can hamper the condition of your hair. Chlorine water harms the skin and hair by changing its physical property directly by chemical reaction with the hair protein. The protein present is called keratin and the presence of chlorine makes hair susceptible to physical damage. The natural oil from the hair is stripped off and this results to a under nourished look for the hair. Too much exposure to chlorine makes the hair look lifeless and without any shine or lustre.
  7. Another point to remember while travelling is about the tools you need to carry. So don’t forget to take care of your hair even when you are trotting all over the globe.

2 Responses
  • Veena Haridas
    October 17, 2017

    Oh! I seriously cut my hair before a trip because its so difficult to manage otherwise. I havent ever tried dry shampoo, so yes have to try that for sure <3

    • Nishita
      October 17, 2017

      @Veena_The_Reading_Momster:disqus getting your hair cut would actually be my number #1 tip. It’s also great for all those holiday photos too 🙂

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