Fun Vacation Ideas for Teenagers and Tweens


When you have teenagers or pre-teens, planning a family vacation that everybody can enjoy can be tricky. Curious and active, teens like to have new experiences, especially whilst traveling! Thankfully, there are various great vacation ideas that are wonderful fun for both teens and adults alike. No matter what type of adventures you decide to get up to with your teenagers while traveling, the most important part is to make sure that you involve them in the decision making, and ensure that you schedule in plenty of time for simply relaxing and bonding together, too. But, if you’re stuck for ideas, then it can be difficult to start planning. Here are some vacation ideas that are perfect for families with teenagers.

  1. Camping
    If your teens are the outdoorsy type, then camping can be the perfect idea for a family-friendly vacation filled with fun. Since it’s cheaper than traveling abroad, camping can also be an ideal choice of vacation for families on a budget who are hoping to explore some new places together. Whilst camping, there are various fun activities that you could take part in, such as hiking, fishing, and even hunting if it is allowed in your chosen destination. Get all the gear that you need for a fun family camping trip here at Woodbury Outfitters.
  2. Water sports
    If you’re hoping to take a vacation abroad or are visiting one of the U.S.’s many beach destinations, then opting for somewhere where you and your teens can take part in water sports can be a great choice. Surfing, kitesurfing, waterboarding, sailing and even deep sea diving are all fun and exciting activities that teens love – and it’ll help them to burn off all that extra energy that they have. On top of that, nearby beaches mean that there’s plenty of options for relaxing, too!
  3. National Parks
    With a grand total of fifty-eight National Parks to visit across the U.S. and many more in other parts of the world, these natural destinations tend to be filled with wonder and awe. If your teen is a fan of the great outdoors and enjoys visiting natural attractions such as the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls, then incorporating visits to National Parks into your vacation is a must. Opt for one of the most well-known parks if you want to be sure of an abundance of tourist attractions and don’t mind the crowds. Or, for those who prefer a quieter vacation in lesser-known destinations, check out this list of America’s most underrated National Parks.
  4. Cruise Vacation
    If your budget is a little higher and you want to take the international destination of a lifetime, then you might want to consider taking your teenager on a cruise. Cruise ships are the perfect vacation option for families since you have everything that you need on board to keep the whole family entertained, from play areas for little ones to arcades, shops and more for your teenagers to explore, in addition to things to do and see in the ports.

Where does your teenager enjoy going on vacation? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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