Unusual Present Ideas for Your Sports Enthusiast Teen


If your teenager has a passion for sport, you naturally want to do everything you can to nurture and encourage their interest and help them with their sporting success. So when a Christmas, birthday or other special event comes around, you might think to yourself that this is the perfect opportunity to get them a present that is truly relevant to them and what they like to do. However, with such a wide range of sports-related equipment and accessories out there on the market, it can often be overwhelming for someone who doesn’t know a great deal about that world.

What’s going to be truly useful for your teen, and not just a gimmicky add-on that they may simply make use of once and never pick up again? That is the hard question. Here you can find a short list of some interesting and unusual sports-related present ideas that will really make your teen smile.


Go-Pro cameras have been a staple piece of equipment in the sporting industry for the past few years now. For the teen who is inclined to more “extreme” sports- think snowboarding or longboarding- there is no more perfect item to own than a Go-Pro. The Go-Pro camera can be affixed sturdily to the sportsperson, usually atop the helmet, and from there a steadied video-clip can be recorded. This provides a great deal of fun in recording video as you are going about your sport, watching back as you pull off a great trick (or perhaps having a bit of a laugh as you don’t quite manage it), but also has some very practical uses.

It’s been noted that the Go-Pro can provide a perspective on the sportsperson that could not normally be obtained, enabling them to see which parts of their technique they should be working on in a way that they never really could without the help of this little technological marvel. A Go-Pro is undoubtedly a solid choice for any teen interested in sport, and shouldn’t disappoint whatever their chosen discipline may be.

Stunt Scooters

For the teen who’s a keen skater or BMXer, why not consider a stunt scooter as a present? Rapidly gaining popularity in recent times, the style of stunt scootering is something of a mix of these two sports, whilst also providing something a little different than either. However, if they’ve already got a stunt scooter, gifting them with new wheels, a new deck or better bars can make them greatly happy. For the latter, Affinity Titanium bars by Affinity scooters are a solid place to start, as their lightweight frames are built especially to flow as smoothly as possible when performing tricks, and can also be used on grass or tarmac with equal success.


It’s very rare that you’ll find a teen who isn’t passionate about their music, so looking to combine this with their love of sport is likely to be a solid choice when scouring for a good present. Consider a speaker such as the Ecox BT, which is built specifically to handle the kind of hardships that come with outdoor use. Completely waterproof and with an impressive range, these kind of speakers will suit any teen with interest in camping, rock-climbing, or any other activity that sees them out of the house for extended periods of time.

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