How to Pick the Right Kids Pushchair for Your Needs


It used to be that shopping for kids’ pushchairs was relatively quick and simple because let’s face it, there really wasn’t much in terms of variety and features. Well, that is no longer the case and parents are now given all kinds of options to choose from, depending on what it is they want. So, how can you go about picking the right pushchair that works for your immediate needs, as well as the future? Here are some things you can take into consideration during the shopping process.

The Difference Between Pushchairs and Travel Systems

One of the first things you’ll notice as you start your shopping experience is that there are two main categories: pushchairs and travel systems. The pushchair is just that: an actual stroller used for pushing your child around.
Meanwhile, a travel system includes several pieces so that all your basic essentials are covered.

The travel system typically includes the pushchair, an infant car seat, and the car seat adaptors. The idea is that you can take your child from car to pushchair, all with one convenient system. Some companies such as Icklebubba include additional features in addition to kids’ pushchairs, including a rain cover, a changing pad, a car seat visor, a removable bumper bar and more. This is meant to be an all-in-one complete system, meaning you won’t have to purchase any additional items.
If you already own a car seat that you are happy with, then it’s unlikely you would want a full travel system.

Purchase a Stroller Meant for Your Child’s Age

Another important consideration is the age of your child. Different ages require different types of support, seats, and even harness/buckle systems. Finding the one that not only fits them as far as weight and height goes but also offers them the safest ride is imperative.

While it would be great to purchase just one pushchair that will last them until one is no longer needed, this isn’t very realistic. Pushchairs take a pretty large beating and there’s the fact your child is going to be growing quite rapidly. The stroller you purchase for your infant is going to have different features than the one you need for a two-year-old. Things such as a ride-on board, extra storage space, and a seat buckle rather than harness all become convenient.

What this means is that you want to just shop for the present rather than looking too far into the future.

How Easy Is It to Push?

It’s normal to assume that all pushchairs are even in how they roll, turn, glide, and handle, but this isn’t the case at all. You will find some much easier than others to manoeuvre. Giving one a test run in the store before you purchase it is always a good idea. This is also a great chance to check out the braking system to see how user-friendly and secure it seems.
There is plenty to consider during your pushchair shopping experience, which is why it’s wise to take your time, do your research, and ask questions.

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