Four Unique Ways To Spruce Up Your Home


Your house is special to you. It’s no wonder you want to do what’s in your power to make it look nice. It’s common for homeowners to want to transform their home, but many aren’t sure what to do to make it look different.

Start by researching various ideas and doing a walkthrough in your home to see which areas need the most attention. Start small and add on projects as you go. Don’t feel like you need to do it all in one swoop. Be patient and take your time picking out the new elements. See four unique ways to spruce up your home.


If you’re someone who likes a bright and airy home, it may be time to clean your windows or purchase new ones. Install skylights to let in the sunshine and open up the space of your living room or bathroom. Be sure to get yourself some window openers, so you have a way to let in the breeze whenever you desire. In addition to skylights, building a sunroom is a great way to add on to your house and be able to enjoy the outdoors throughout the year.

Accent Wall

Paint is your best friend when it comes to making your home look more unique. One idea is to paint an accent wall in your bedroom to add a little character. Pick a bold hue like green or red to make a statement. Use the wall behind the bed or look up and paint the ceiling. Either option is sure to liven up your bedroom and keep it looking interesting. Use any extra paint to go over your front door, so you have a new look outside. It’s a simple way to boost your curb appeal and standout in a good way.

Breakfast Nook

Another idea is to build a breakfast nook in your kitchen. This is the perfect area for eating breakfast and reading your paper in the morning. You’ll love the extra space and charm it brings to your kitchen. Decorate the area with colourful pillows and attractive window treatments. Consider adding a combination of chairs and a bench for the seating. The breakfast nook will be tucked away so it doesn’t disrupt the flow of the kitchen like a large table might do.

DIY Projects

There’s no better way to have a unique home than to make the items yourself. There are videos online to help you along every step of the way. Pick an easy project to start with that you know you can conquer to increase your confidence. Continue to complete more items as you see how great they turn out each time. Build, sand and paint your way to a home that has all of the personal touches designed by you.

There are ways to create a home that’s special and personalised. Be patient and willing to put in a little extra effort to get it done right. These are four unique ways to spruce up your home.

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