What to Do with a Liquid Damaged Computer


Most of us have tipped a glass of water over a device, which can send a wave of panic through our bodies. However, it’s important to know how to recover an electronic from damage when an accident happens. We are therefore showing you what to do with a liquid damaged laptop.

Turn Off the Computer Quickly

When water strikes, don’t go into panic mode. Turning your computer off quickly can prevent liquid causing harm to the device and destroying your data. Don’t go through the steps of shutting the computer down – simply press the power button for a few seconds. You must also unplug the laptop and disconnect any USB devices or cables.

Turn the Computer Upside Down

The next step is to turn the computer upside down, but make sure you leave the laptop screen open to allow the liquid to flow away from the device. We also recommend removing the computer’s battery and carefully store it in a safe location. You should then wipe the device with toilet paper, which will allow you to soak up the liquid quickly, while reaching into many crevices.

Allow the Computer to Dry

Gently warm a device by using a desk lamp with an incandescent lightbulb, which can speed up the drying process. However, make sure you remove any stickiness from a sugary drink, which could otherwise cause further damage to the computer.

Only Test the Computer Once Dry

Only power up the computer once you are 100% confident the laptop is dry. Never turn on a wet device, which could pose a risk to both your computer and your wellbeing. Test your keypad and trackpad first, as they are commonly the most affected areas following a spill. If one or both don’t work, they may still be wet or are permanently damaged. If they don’t work, we recommend turning off the device once again.

A Data Recovery

Did your computer fail to turn on? Did the keypad or trackpad fail to work? Do not worry, there is one last step you can consider to successfully recover your lost files. We recommend hiring professional data recovery specialists like Secure Data Recovery, who will have the knowledge, experience, and tools to effectively recover your valuable data. As a result, you can simply reload the files on to another computer device to view, edit or share documents, audio files, videos, and photos.


Accidents can happen when drinking near a computer or moving a device from A to B. If your computer has experienced water damage, avoid panicking. The faster you react to the accident, the more likely you can prevent damage to your device. So, turn off the computer and remove any connecting devices, before turning the computer upside down to dry out. If the computer fails to work once dry, consult a data recovery expert.
Do you have any top tips for a water damaged computer? Please feel free to share your helpful advice in the below comment section.

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