How to Design the Perfect Vintage Kids Room


When designing your perfect kids room, there are many directions to go in, but one of the biggest issues parents face is choosing a decor and a colour scheme that can transition with your child throughout the years. If you’re looking for a classic, timeless, and warm design scheme for your children’s room, consider going the vintage route. Taking inspiration from simple clean lines and heritage colours like deep blues, autumnal yellows, and pastel pinks will allow you to craft a space for your child that will never go out of style.

Picking the Right Colour Scheme

One of the first considerations you should have in your redesign project is the paint colour for the room. The colour scheme will dictate everything from the lighting to the furniture to the bedding, so think about what colours are the most functional and inviting. This is also a great opportunity to involve your child in the decision-making process. Their favourite colour might be bright neon pink, but you can easily translate that preference into a more vintage inspired rose. While you can go in almost any direction you want for a vintage style room, gravitate towards subdued and earthy tones or pastels. Aggressive bold and neon colours can work, but they are more difficult to pair with vintage furniture.

Finding and Crafting Your Own Vintage Furniture

What truly gives a kid’s room a vintage touch is the furniture. This is a perfect time to go antiquing or to second-hand shops. Look for pieces that are weathered or distressed, pieces that have exposed wrought iron or hand-etched details. When choosing furniture, not every piece has to match perfectly, but rather look for an eclectic mix that gives your child’s room a warm and homey feel. Pieces like solid wood beds and four poster beds instantly give a room a vintage vibe. If you’re out shopping and can’t find pieces that are exactly what you’re looking for, get started on a crafting project to create your own ideal piece. Painting or distressing wood is easy even for a novice and will ensure that your kid has decor that is one of a kind.

The Finishing Touches

Once you have the main pieces done, some paint and furniture, the final step is adding all the right touches to truly impart a vintage aesthetic in the space. Look for a mix of materials, floral curtains and crocheted blankets. A vintage feel is all about mixing and matching patterns, colours, and materials. Look for small antique touches like brass candle-style lamps or hang traditional watercolour prints above the bed. At this stage, you don’t have to limit yourself to vintage pieces, but rather pick new and modern accents that blend together well. Vintage style is all about the little touches, dried flowers, or a well-worn rug, so don’t neglect these important decorations and accessories.


If you and your child are planning on a room remodel, picking a vintage design is an excellent choice. Vintage style can go in almost any direction, from earthy and simple to floral and feminine but any vintage aesthetic looks and feels timeless. Simple things like a fresh coat of paint and the right bed frame instantly impart a vintage vibe to your kid’s room that will certainly grow with them.

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