The Top Casinos Around The World


Casinos still represent some of the most intriguing vacation destinations in the world. Sure, they can be a little bit gaudy and a little bit extravagant, but they tend to offer many kinds of entertainment at once, and most of them are just a ton of fun. It’s also still true that most of the world’s top casinos are cluttered in a few specific places. Nevertheless, it’s worthwhile every few years to stop and look at what the best and most popular casinos in the world are, in case this type of trip ever appeals to you.

Here are our picks for the top casinos around the world as of 2017.

The Bellagio – Las Vegas, United States

The Bellagio

The Bellagio

The Bellagio is still the class of the casino industry. It has the most famous landmark in Vegas (its fountains) and some of the most renowned gaming areas. Its image was used as the main highlight in a fairly detailed report on the 10 most over-the-top casinos in the world (over-the-top generally being a good thing with casinos), and it was further immortalized in the hit 2001 film Ocean’s 11. Simply but, The Bellagio is as good as it gets.

Sun City Casino Resort – Johannesburg, South Africa

This is actually located a short distance outside of Johannesburg, but that in fact makes it all the more appealing. This is a full-fledged casino resort complete with pools, a lagoon, and a towering hotel, all located within the lush green landscape of rural South Africa. The setting alone sets it apart.

The ARIA – Las Vegas, United States

The ARIA is a fairly new Vegas resort, and as such one of the most state of the art options in town. The resort is the height of luxury, and the casino itself rivals the very best ones on The Strip as well. The importance of dealers has been emphasized as late largely thanks to the emergence of “live dealer” online games, where sites brag that you can watch a real human shuffle real cards. But in Vegas the right dealer can truly make the experience, and the ARIA is known for having some of the best.

Resorts World Sentosa – Singapore

Resorts World Sentosa is more of a total entertainment complex than a luxury hotel that happens to have a casino. It is both of those things, but the presence of a large aquarium, a water park, and a Universal Studios theme park make it far more as well. It’s about as close as you can come to a Disney-like casino resort.

The Wynn – Macau, China

The Wynn Macau

The Wynn Macau

Some would actually label this as the most impressive casino in the world. Macau has emerged as perhaps the world’s best rival to Las Vegas, and the Wynn has an argument as its flagship resort. It’s rich, luxurious, and extraordinarily professional.

Caesars Palace – Las Vegas, United States

There are certainly some issues to be had with Caesars Palace. It’s huge, and can at times feel as if it’s not maintained quite as well as some of its Vegas counterparts. Nevertheless, the beautiful layout based on ancient Rome is thrilling in and of itself, the pools are great, and the gaming floors are fun in that they’re actually more affordable than many of the others in Vegas and on this list.

Marina Bay Sands – Singapore

Marina Bay Sands is a giant hotel in the heart of Singapore. There’s some variety in its rooms but the nicer ones are quite impressive. The casino has everything you cold hope to find as well. But the main attraction is the rooftop infinity pool, surrounded by Jacuzzis, a gym, restaurants, bars, and incredible views. As one travel review put it, you can’t really ask for more.

The Kurhaus – Baden-Baden, Germany

It might be the most unorthodox choice on this list, but if you’re looking for more of a retreat than a gaudy, crowded resort, it’s a nice option. It’s understated but elegant, and some might enjoy learning that the legendary Russian author Fyodor Dostoyevsky used to vacation there!

The Venetian – Macau, China

As you may know, the canals of Venice, Italy are among Europe’s most popular attractions. The Grand Canal is home to Venice’s greatest sights, and many tourists travel to the city largely for the chance to ride one of the famous gondolas along the water. Well, The Venetian in Macau, much like its sister casino in Las Vegas, replicates these canals to create an unforgettable atmosphere. And the gaming area is just about unrivaled.

Monte Carlo Casino – Monte Carlo, Monaco

The Monte Carlo casino

The Monte Carlo casino

If there’s a chief global rival to The Bellagio as the most impressive or legendary casino, it’s probably the Monte Carlo Casino. Known for opulence and the generally impressive setting that surrounds it, this is a bucket list type of venue.

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