Ingenious Ways to Increase Space in any Room of Your Home


Every home requires more space. No matter how big your mountain estate villa or small your studio apartment is, you are probably looking for ways to maximize the living space your home to make it feel palatial and welcoming. There are six rooms in your home where you spend most of your time and there are six clever ways you can add more functional space to each room, even if you cannot increase the footprint.

If you’ve been wondering how you can add more space to that cramped bathroom cabinet or trying to figure out how you can add a home office in your bedroom, here are six ingenious tips that will help.

Open the Entryway

The first place in your home that welcomes guests and sees your family off every morning should not only be functional, but also have enough space to allow movement. To make your foyer into a more functional, add a bench or a sitting area where people can remove their shoes or where kids can place their backpacks after school. If you do not have space for a bench, install wall mounted hooks or open shelving for your knickknacks, and a large mirror that reflects your entire home.

Make the Kitchen Functional

Even if you have a large, open kitchen like you can find in Sunnyvale apartments for rent, such as, you want the space to be welcoming, functional and inviting so that you enjoy cooking meals, making snacks, and even entertaining guests. Maximize your kitchen using vertical storage for the pantry with drawer organizers for dry goods and food storage containers and have an overhead pan storage unit installed to free up your counter space. Make sure that you routinely clean your pantry of old food and half eaten dry goods.

The Bathroom Necessities

The bathroom is the first room you go to when you wake up and the room you see late at night, but it probably has the worst storage. Maximize your bathroom space by assessing who uses it and for what purpose (aside from the obvious.) For shared bathrooms with kids, consider installing open shelving and baskets under the sink or behind the door for small electrical beauty appliances.
Shoe organizers can be a life saving storage solution for combs, jewelry, combs, makeup and accessories like belts and scarves.

Add More Space to Your Public Rooms

Have you noticed that your living room and family room tends to get messy even when you are not trying? In most homes, such as, Ewa Beach apartments, these are the areas that experience the highest amount of traffic when friends drop in; family is watching television or just laying out on the sofa to watch your favorite game. Add more space to these rooms using multifunctional furniture like storage ottomans for holding your video game accessories or coffee tables with drawers and open shelving.

Kids Rooms are for More than Just Sleep

No matter whether your child is a teenager or a newborn, their rooms should reflect their dreams and still be used for studying, playtime, and daydreaming. Have fun, create study, quiet time, playing, and sleep zones. Consider adding artwork or even hang assignments on bulletin boards; use organization accessories for desks and make the area clutter-free.

Max Your Bedroom Space

The bedroom in your home is a refuge from the world, and a place where you relax in the evening and get up rejuvenated the next day. Add space to your bedroom by adding closets. Store your out-of-season clothes in an underbed storage container or invest in closet organizers for separating your shoes, accessories and clothes; every closet deserves functional organization.

These areas in your home your bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen and entryway have potential for extra storage that will renovate your entire household. No matter the size of your family, maximizing every available space is critical. Use this guide to beautifully decorate and organize space in your home.

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