Five Aromatic Herbs You Can Grow Indoors


There are plenty of herbs out there that you can choose from to make your recipes more delicious that also smell amazingly to have around the house. What better way to make your house smell great than to grow some herbs that you can later throw onto your meals? Well, you don’t even have to go outside to do that! You can grow some great aromatic herbs indoors that only require a bit of love and care in order to grow healthy and strong. Keep reading down below to learn more about them most popular of these herbs and how you can grow them in your own house.


The first herb that we’re going to chat a bit about is lemongrass. This is one of the most unique herbs on our list, mostly because you don’t even have to grow lemongrass in soil. Because of that, this is one of the most easy herbs to grow in your own home. All you have to do is buy some stalk from the local store and place it in some water like you would do any household flower. Then, roots and shoots are going to grow and you’ll have lemongrass in no time.


Chives are a type of herb that don’t require much attention in order to be grown indoors. All they need is a bit of sunlight and they will grow like crazy. You should see about starting growing chives from a plant that’s already been growing for a bit. This is going to be the easiest way to go about things. You just pull some from the established plant, put them in some soil, and watch them grow! What more facts do you need than that to try out chives?


Mint is an herb that’s going to grow like weeds in your home. And that’s fantastic because this is one of the best herbs that you can have handy whenever you’re cooking or whenever you want to do a little dessert. The only problem with mint is that this kind of herb is going to be super invasive and will destroy any other herb that you have growing near it. Make sure that you place mint in a separate pot from other herbs that you are trying to grow because of that. Peppermint is the best option if you don’t have that much space, but still want to get that super minty flavor.


Another super easy to grow herb is parsley, which is super common and used in many different recipes. You might have to wait a while before you see results with parsley seeds, though. They take a bit of time to germinate and could be around two weeks before anything of substance happens. You are not going to have many parsley clippings in the first couple of weeks, so keep that in mind!

Vietnamese Coriander

And lastly, we have an herb that you might not be too familiar with, but smells amazing and will give your recipes that extra little kick. Coriander is also the seed of another herb, known as cilantro. This coriander is going to be much easier to grow than the traditional kind, but will still give you an amazing flavor. Make sure to look for this type whenever you’re out shopping for your plants.

And there you have it! These are the most common and most popular herbs that you should try growing indoors. Which are you going to try first?

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