Five Ways Yoga Can Improve Quality Of Life


When it comes to connecting your mind, body and soul, very few activities can cut the list. Sure, you need a strong mind and body connection to learn and excel in any sports, but what about the spiritual aspect of ourselves? Only Yoga focuses on spiritual well-being and meditation. That’s the reason it is one of the most complete form of exercises. Even American Osteopathic Association accepts the immense benefits and healing potential of Yoga. Let’s look at what Yoga can do for us if we stay committed.

Improves Overall Quality of Life

Posture, breathing techniques and meditation, these three pillars make Yoga a wholesome experience. As the famous Yogi Sri Ravi Shankar puts it, health is not just absence of disease, but a more dynamic expression of life where loving nature, enthusiasm and joyousness matter a lot. From increasing muscle strength to detoxifying body and from increased flexibility to ameliorating mental focus, Yoga can do it all.

Weight Loss Through Yoga

It may not seem like the most demanding workout routine, but in total honesty, it is. You don’t have the luxury of progressive overload, you have to work with your whole body’s weight, controlling it through various postures while maintaining proper form and breathing. This stress on body makes it stronger and burns more calories plus the deep, heavy breathing patterns get rid of stubborn belly fat.

Emotional Well-being and Stress Relief

This may not be a shocker as all strenuous physical activities bust away stress, increase the feel-good hormones and your self-esteem. Where Yoga excels from other sports, especially when done in a class or group, it enhances production of oxytocin, the bonding or love -hormone and serotonin levels leading toward a more healthy, content and happy you.

Back Pain Relief

The cause of back pains in most cases can be narrowed down to poor posture, limited flexibility and weakened support muscles. Thankfully, Yoga is widely considered one of the best remedies for treating chronic back pain. People have seen remarkable improvement in back flexibility and mobility with just a week of practicing Yoga. Also, stretching exercises in Yoga improve back mobility, strengthen core muscles as well as support muscles over time. Want to safeguard yourself from future back issues? We highly recommend going through these sites and joining a Yoga classes near you.

Increase Fertility

Science still has some catching up to do here, but Yoga can do wonders to improve fertility. Recently, many couples around the globe have turned to Yoga to increase their chances of getting a baby. Let’s face it; the modern busy and hectic life schedule doesn’t do much good and increases stress. That translates to lower chances of having a baby. Studies have shown that where stress is to blame, Yoga can help tremendously.

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