Ten times I’ve gone Awww… at Mike and Harvey’s friendship


One of the things that makes Suits so popular is how it can appeal to every type of fan. There’s witty dialogue, legal drama, kick-ass women, and juicy romance, but one reason we keep tuning in is to see the amazing friendship between Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) and Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht). Check out some of the moments where we were most envious of Mike and Harvey’s bromance.

  1. Harvey doesn’t open up to many people, but he let Mike in, which shows just how much he values Mike’s friendship. And it was Mike whom Harvey confided in about his mother cheating on his father back when Harvey was a kid.
  2. When Mike and Harvey were on the outs, it felt like we were watching a serious breakup and it hurt to see. But like true friends, they’ve told each other some harsh things and gotten closer as a result.
  3. Harvey gives Mike the best advice, such as the time he warned his protegé, “Don’t be cocky.” That only works for one guy at PSL — Harvey Specter.
  4. Mike asked Harvey to be his best man at his wedding. This is a tremendous honor given to your best friend, and it carries even more of a significant weight given that Mike has no family left.
  5. The two have some of the best witty banter anywhere on television. Harvey knows Mike is his intellectual equal, and gets to have some fun with Mike around. Plus, they are movie-quoting equals. You can build an entire friendship on that alone!
  6. Harvey is always there for Mike in his deepest times of need. When Mike’s beloved grandmother passed away, Harvey was essentially the first member of Mike’s new family at PSL.
  7. The enemy of my friend is my enemy, and so believes Mike. When Harvey punched Tanner, Mike thought that was one of the coolest things and wanted to know all about it.
  8. But sometimes, even though he knows Mike can handle the truth, Harvey will lie to protect him. When Harvey originally told Mike that the jury found him guilty, he did it to help Mike and Rachel’s relationship, and it takes a great friend to do a thing like that.
  9. Mike literally went to jail to protect Harvey. Yes, Mike lied about being a lawyer and committed fraud, but he only took the deal that gave him jail time to save Harvey’s back.
  10. You could see how much it tore up Harvey the day he had to drop off Mike at the gates of the prison. He couldn’t bear to let his friend down, and hours later he visited Rachel to commiserate.

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