Tips to Make Your Expensive Clothes and Bags Last Longer


No one wants to buy expensive clothes that you saved up a lot of money for and only have them get worn out in the next couple of months. That’s a big waste of money that we bet you don’t have the budget to make right now! The good news is that there are tons of options for you to choose from when it comes to ways to making your expensive clothes last longer than ever before. Keep reading down below to learn the top tips we have for you to do just that.

  1. Watch Out for The Instructions

    Those instructions that are on your clothes tag are there for a reason. This is the first thing that you should look at when you’re wondering how to wash and care for your clothes. Those tags aren’t just there for decoration – they’re there to help you understand how to wash your clothes. Most of the times, these tags will tell you the materials that make up the clothing item and how best to wash them.

  2. Know Your Iron

    The next thing that you need to understand is how to properly use your iron. Many people assume that you can use the iron on every single piece of clothing with no difference between them. However, that’s not true. If you use too much heat on a piece of delicate clothing, you run the risk of damaging that piece beyond repair. Make sure to not use too much heat when working with delicate clothes and you’ll be fine! This is especially true when you are working with delicate lingerie.

  3. Invest in A High-Quality Steamer

    Steamers are your best friend when it comes to getting those wrinkles out of your clothes and looking amazing. If you don’t want to run the risk of damaging your clothes with an iron, then a steamer is your next best bet to make your clothes look great. There’s no risk of burning your clothes with one of these!

  4. Wash Your Clothes Before You Store Them

    If you are going to be storing away your expensive winter clothes that you’re not going to be wearing for another year, then you need to make sure to wash them before you store them. That’s because the everyday scents that are on the clothes from perfumes to colognes can easily attract moths.

  5. Try Some Closet Accessories with A Nice Scent

    Moths are repelled by the scent of cedar wood, so make sure to add these into your closet. That way, you can repel any moths that may try to come and haunt your clothes!

  6. Air Dry Your Clothes, Rather Than Machine Drying Them

    One of the most important tips we have for you is that you should look into air drying your clothes as much as possible. This is because air drying doesn’t cause as much damage to your fabric as happens when you use a dryer. When your clothes get tossed around in high heat in the dryer, this causes the fabric to stretch and potentially get damaged beyond repair. Plus, you’ll be saving a lot of energy and helping out with climate change!

  7. Take Care of Those Stains as Soon as You Can

    The longer you leave a stain on your white clothes, the harder it’ll be to get it out. That’s because when you leave a stain in for a long period of time, it has more time to set into the fabric and become part of the color. Make sure to keep a Tide-To-Go pen around with you or another stain remover. That way, you can go ahead and get those stains out as soon as they happen.

And there you have it, folks! Each of these tips are going to ensure that your expensive clothes stay brand new for a much longer time. Keep these in mind and you’ll be good to go.

And if you have good-quality bags such as Fastrack handbags, then try these three tips for maintaining them well and increasing their shelf life:

  1. When not in use, store your bags in a dust-bag to protect them from dust and pollution.
  2. Keep all liquids or creams in a make-up pouch always to avoid staining the inside of your bag.
  3. Do not hang your bags when not in use. Store it flat so that the handles don’t get damaged.
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  • I 2nd reading the instructions! My son almost tossed the pants for his tuxedo in the wash the other day – which said dry clean only!

    Tanya Patrice

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